Our Big Surprise • Pt. II

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday morning around 9:30 I stood staring down at a positive pregnancy test. By 5:30 that afternoon, I had already told Alex. That I was excited and stink at keeping secrets is an understatement. He's still in training and he's required to stay in the dorms (We only have one more month left of living separately!), so I go and pick him up on base every day around 5:15. When he got into the car, I told him I had a surprise for him and I made him put on a mask and listen to music on my iPhone. I was only taking him back to the apartment, but I wanted to disorient him as much as possible so he wouldn't suspect anything. We only live like 1/4 mile outside the base gate, so I took a few detours and did a few u-turns so he wouldn't guess where we were when we got out. I also texted him earlier that day to tell him that I had started my period to throw him off even more. That's why at one point in the video he says, "I can't believe you lied to me."
Once we got to the apartment, I got out of the car, walked around and opened his door, turned his music up, and helped him out of the car. As we started to walk to the door, our neighbor's insane dog started barking and running around Alex's feet. I was afraid he was going to recognize the dog's bark or that the dog was going to bite him, so I pulled him along faster and faster as he yelled, "Slow down!" and our neighbor's looked at me like I was crazy and ran circles around us trying to keep their dog away. I got to explain to them later that I'm pregnant and was surprising him, so now they know that I don't regularly bring my husband home in a mask and drag him up the stairs yelling. At the time, I was ready to strangle that dog, but it actually made Alex think we were at the pound and I was surprising him with a puppy so it worked to my advantage. (Sorry you don't get a puppy yet, love. I hope the baby makes up for it!) Once I got him up the stairs and in the door, the rest is on video. I don't cry easily, but even the video doesn't do his reaction justice. As a placed his hand on my stomach and stood staring at his face, I saw it all click and that's when the tears started rolling. I saw his face go from confusion, to shock, to excitement in less than two seconds and it was amazing.
This marks the end and the beginning - the end of the long road to become parents, and the beginning of a long journey as parents. I called the Women's Health Clinic this morning and they confirmed that the blood test came back positive and I am indeed pregnant. We went out to celebrate with a group of Alex's classmates, then we came back and made phone calls to announce the good news to a few close friends. We thought we would start with friends first and work our way to family since we know those phone calls will be longer. The family phone calls start tomorrow!
As far as pregnancy symptoms go, the only noticeable sign that I've had has been implantation cramping that I had mistaken for menstrual cramps. I've been feeling a little hot (but we are in Texas in June after all), having to pee more regularly (but I'm also trying to drink more water), and feeling tired (but I haven't been sleeping well from all the excitement either). I'm trying to take advantage of and enjoy still feeling somewhat normal because I know it could possibly be a matter of time before the morning sickness hits. I think I'm probably 5 or 6 weeks along, but I'll have to wait for out first doctor's appointment to know for sure. We're waiting on our referral from Tricare to come in the mail, then I'll be able to call and make the appointment. I'm so thankful that we were able to conceive naturally, without any medical intervention, and I'm praying that this little guy or girl sticks around. To be given the one thing that I've wanted my entire and at times thought I may never get to experience is overwhelming and surreal.

Love, love, here we are.


  1. OH MY GOD! Congratulations!
    I'm so happy for you! I actually cried watching your video.
    I was exactly the same as you, thinking I wasn't pregnant and mistaking implantation for period cramps.
    But like you say, enjoy this time where you still feel a little human, as once the sickness kicks in you'll soon be wishing it was these early days again!

    Eeee! So excited for you!



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