10 weeks

Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Friday, I was 1/4 of the way into my pregnancy. I'm a little late, I know. I apologize. Alex's schedule got changed, and he's now on duty at night instead of during the day, so we've been trying to adjust. These weeks are just flying by! I think I say this every week, but I'm really looking forward to you growing bigger and stronger and feeling your little punches and kicks. I think I'm even more excited about seeing Papa's face the first time he feels you move though. So far, pregnancy is hard and inconvenient and tiring, but I'm still loving it. I love reading the different ways that you change each week. I love hearing your dad giggle as I grumble and get up to pee for the third time in the last hour. I love lifting up my shirt and running my hands over my belly every time I pass a mirror. I love that my belly gets more kisses from Papa these days than my lips do. The fact that this man that I love entirely too much and I (with the help of God) managed to create a life absolutely stuns me.

We labeled Friday night 'date night,' and decided to go out to a nice dinner, but before we left I had Papa snap a few pictures of my small, but growing belly. He did a pretty good job for his first time using our new fancy shmancy camera. I debated on what to wear for these pictures for awhile. I didn't know whether a sports bra would be immodest or not, but Papa approved and said it covers more than most girl's bikini's do these days. Eventually my belly will be so big that people won't think twice about what I'm wearing, so I agreed. I know you'll love looking back on these. I'm sure you'll laugh and say things like, 'Look how young you looked!' and I'll be thinking, 'Look how skinny I was!' I plan on exercising and eating healthy as soon as possible after you're born, so I'm not very worried about losing any weight I gain. Every stretch mark and 'expansion' will be worth it.

Baby's Developments:
- Size: ~ 1.25 inches long (about the size of a prune)
- Weight: 4 grams
- You graduated from embryo to fetus!
- Fingers and toes are formed, and no longer webbed.
- Eyelids are no longer transparent.
- The most critical developments have been completed, so everything is already there, it all just has to get bigger.
- Peach fuzz-like hair is started to grow all over your tiny body.

Mama's Developments:
- Pre-pregnancy my uterus was the size of a pear. It's now the size of a grapefruit! No wonder things are starting to feel squished in there.
- There haven't been very many changes in the last few weeks. I'm still feeling a little tired, but I have a lot more energy than I had in the very beginning. I'm actually feeling pretty good! I hope my luck continues and that all of my pregnancies are this easy.


  1. I am so happy for you and your Hubby!
    I once followed you one tumblr (when I had one, I deleted it a few months ago) after seeing you posted the video about military s/o's on there.(My Husband is in the Air Force too! Currently we are stationed at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska but PCS in April!) reading your tumblr brought back sooo many memories of when my Husband (who at the time was my boyfriend) went into basic and tech school. We don't have any kids yet (hopefully someday soon, I'm ready whenever He is :)) but I love reading your blog, you and your Husband have SO much love for each other! It's awesome to see fellow military couples who are "making it" because you too often hear of them not :(
    I don't mean to sound weird but I can't wait for you guys to have your lil jelly bean. S/He is going to be adorable!!!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment! :) It wasn't weird at all. Lol.
    Wow! Alaska?! We were supposed to go to Minot, but got diverted because of all the flooding. We ended up at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, NM and are loving it! I was dreading the cold winters in Minot, but I bet your winters are way worst. It would still be really neat to get to experience Alaska though. I've heard it's gorgeous in the summer and spring.
    I agree, it's good to see military couples who make it, and we're trying our best. Military life is stressful so far, but still worth it, and it's easier having the support of the other during stressful times.



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