A Letter from Papa

Monday, August 29, 2011

I read this for the first time in July, and even though I've read it twenty times since then, I still get teary-eyed every time my eyes meet these words. I can't believe I created a life, a little soul, with such an amazing man. They may not be professional grade writing material, but these are the most beautiful words I've ever read. They outshine every classic novel, poem, or life changing article. People always talk about the worries that they have about being a parent, especially after they become pregnant (ironic, right?). I keep waiting for these thoughts to creep in and to wake up one morning yelling, "What were we thinking?! How are we going to raise a child?," but they don't. I'm completely at peace about raising a child, and part of that comes from knowing that even if I completely fail at being a mother, this kid is still going to have one amazing father.


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