Monday, September 12, 2011

We moved into [what feels like] our first house, and celebrated our two year anniversary. We've lived in two different apartments in the past two years, and although we're still renting, this one is the first place that really feels like ours. This picture was taken on our second anniversary and when I was around 15 weeks pregnant. We decided we're going to make it a tradition to take a family picture in front of our home every year on this day. Our anniversary isn't just a celebration of our love, but of the beginning of our family as well. We want all of our children to be included in this day too. It will be really neat to look back on this series of photos in a few years.

We went car shopping, picked out, bargained for, and bought our first vehicle, a Jeep. We're going to be taking a lot of trips to the river, mountains, and caves around here to go hiking, to flea markets and antique stores, and to Arizona to see family around the holidays. I hope the baby likes adventures and the sound of Papa whistling and playing his harmonica on road trips.

We shuffled through thousands of paint samples, settled on colors for each room, and started painting. If we didn't have a baby on the way, we probably wouldn't have decided to paint, but we're both committed to making this house feel like a home, especially for our children. Neither one of us has ever painted before, so this has been interesting. It's no different than any other crazy thing we've tackled together though. We're a team. Here's a sneak peek into our finished kitchen.

(I delivered with Abigail, the woman on the right.)

We took a tour of a local birthing center and decided that this is where I'll be giving birth. They're newly established, and are still bargaining with insurance companies on coverage, so we were under the impression that we would be responsible for somewhere around $2,500. You can't put a price on being satisfied with your birthing experience, so we were just going to make it work somehow. It wasn't really in our budget, but we were going to try and sacrifice and save as much as we could. I was confident that we could do it and had peace about it, but said a simple prayer asking God to take control of the situation and work it out. I wanted to be sure that we were making the right decision. I didn't want to put ourselves into a bad financial situation that we couldn't get ourselves out of before the baby came. I would have forgotten that I had even prayed about it, if it weren't for what happened a few days ago. Our midwife called to give us our exact amount that we would be responsible for, and I was in disbelief when she said nothing. She was even in disbelief. Our insurance company agreed to cover the full amount. We won't even have a deductible. This has been such a relief for us.

Isn't it weird when things you told yourself you would have or do when you were younger really do happen? When we were in high school, Alex and I used to to sit in his truck with the radio playing in random places all over our home town and talk about getting married and having kids. I really married a good man like I promised myself I would. We're really going to start our family in our early twenties like we had talked about. My old baby clothes and stuffed animals are all sitting in the nursery, waiting for our baby to wear them and play with them, just like I had thought about as I held onto them and packed them away year after year, move after move. I really moved out of Cullman. He and I did those things, together. Our parents didn't make these decisions for us. We took control of situations and made these things happen, and that's what the title of this post is all about. We're adults. We're making decisions and living life on our own, just the two of us, soon to be just the three of us, and it amazes me how easy it is in comparison to what every one leads you to believe when you're younger. When I was a day dreaming kid, I worried so much about not being happy as an adult. It's really comforting to have made it into adulthood satisfied with the life I have, and with the path that I feel we're taking. We aren't done growing up and we aren't done making changes in our life, but we have a good foundation that I'm confident will carry us through it all.


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