Monday, December 12, 2011

A few weeks ago, your Papa and I were in the living room together - he was sitting at the dining room table, working on his study material for training at work and I was sitting in the floor with fabric spread all around me, working on the hangers for your closet. He tore these out of his pocket notebook that he carries with him everyday and told me he had written something about you, about us. Every time he writes something, I can tell that he's always nervous about sharing it with me. As he handed it to me he said, "It's kind of strange and sounds old school." While our styles are very different from the other's, I always love reading what your Papa writes. We both love to string words together to create something beautiful - we both love to create, period, but in vastly different ways. I love seeing that creative side of him. There's something about reading someone's words or running your hands over something they've drawn or built that lets you see them in a completely different light than just having a conversation with them. This is why I hold onto all these bits of paper with notes and letters written about you on them. I want you to be able to hold them in your hands one day, to feel the different sizes and textures of paper that represent different stages in our lives, to see the words marked out, to notice the creases, wrinkles, and misspellings. Looking at a picture of a letter or reading the typed words on a computer screen isn't quite the same. Many people are turning to technology to write letters or save their children's artwork. Handwritten letters are becoming a lost art, and just as I want these notes to be more tangible to you, I want you to be able to look through old art projects and smell the scent of crayons, touch the different textures, and reminisce on a time when you couldn't color in the lines. Throughout your Papa and I's relationship, we've written uncountable letters to each other, which I've saved. They're sitting a box in our closet rubber-banded together. There are slightly immature ones that make my cheeks turn pink from high school, love letters from college, and one from almost every day that we were apart while he was in Basic Training. I look forward to the day that you and I are going to spend reading through these together. Handwritten letters have been a part of our lives since the beginning and I hope you find as much value in them one day as I do.

All the Love in the Universe,

"What's in store for tomorrow? I have no way of knowing. All a man can do is love his woman, holding nothing back, try to make the best of what he's got, work harder than anyone else, look forward to another beautiful tomorrow full of adventure, and hit it all head on with all the fierceness of his soul."
- M.A. Jacobs


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