Guitar Moods

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Your Papa has wanted to learn to play the guitar for as long as I can remember. In my eyes, he can already play, but I often find that I have more confidence in him than he has in himself. I truly think he can do anything. Every few months he'll pick up his guitar and start to remind his fingers of the ways in which he needs them to move. He'll develop calluses on the tips of his fingers, and each time I notice them, I'll run my fingers over them, thinking about the dreams, the songs, the effort that's been put in to create these. Whenever his guitar moods strike, I float a bit more than usual. I know these sounds will be the background music to the memories being made in our home. When I reminisce about my pregnancy, I'll take myself back to the warmth and calm I felt as I would emerge, fresh from a bath and hear your Papa's music floating up the stairs and through our house.

I've asked him to learn several songs for you in the last few months. Each time he says yes, and I have no doubts that he'll come through. I can already see the magic in your little girl eyes as you listen to these come from his fingers and lips. I can't wait to hear the sound of his deep, smooth voice coming down the hallway as you drift off to sleep. These are the moments that I hope you'll hold onto. These are things that I hope will keep you young. It seems like there has only been a handful of years between the time I was a little girl and now. People will tell you over and over that life moves fast, cherish your childhood and enjoy your youth. It's the truth. It seems like my childhood escaped in a breath, and here I am with a husband, a home, and a life in my belly. These are all wonderful things to wake up to, but there is an innocence and carefree nature of childhood that can never be relived or replaced. I hope you'll let me help you live this life as slowly as possible. Resist the urge to rush things along. Some of the most content moments you have may be spent curled up in a ball at your Papa's feet, listening to songs meant especially for you.

He's a wonderful man and I can't wait to share him with you. I hope you adore him as much I do.

All the Love in the Universe,

(What I didn't know as I wrote this was that I would wake up the next morning in labor with you and you would get to meet this wonderful man the very next day.)


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