Thursday, June 7, 2012


Isn't it funny how day by day nothing seems to change, but when you look back every thing is different? Every day you smile at something different. Every day you make a new sound. (Almost) every day I notice your nails need cut again. Every day you seem a bit heavier, sturdier, and more alert. These are all reminders that you are growing right before my eyes, but they happen so fast that I almost miss them. I expect you do all these things, so when they happen we celebrate that milestone, but are on to the next one before the last really had time to sink in. I guess it will keep happening like this your entire childhood. As much as I try to dwell on how outstanding the new things you do are, another will come along in its place and I'll forget the excitement of the past. I can only document so much, but I'll do my best to leave these pieces of your growth here for you to come back to when you're older.

It was 3 months ago that you joined us. It's surreal to think that, much as the way you came into the world, around this time a year ago a burst of energy and magic created you. You were a bundle of cells dividing, starting your life inside of me, and now you're here, squishy and soft and absolutely beautiful. The past 3 months have been the most emotional ones of my life. I've never felt so overjoyed, worried, ambitious, afraid, guilty, proud, or frustrated over a single person in my life. Having such a cocktail of emotions surging through me every day is overwhelming to say the least.

Your Papa and I are amazed with you on a daily basis. You're leaps and bounds ahead of others your age. You were pretty much holding your head up and putting your full weight on your legs at two weeks, and you've just gotten better at both of those over time. You aren't just physically strong though. You are babbling and smiling now, and you're much more alert than any three month old I've ever known. I really think you're going to love learning. Today (04/23/2012), your Papa and I took you grocery shopping. Instead of leaving you in your car seat or putting you in the carrier, your Papa just carried you himself and you loved it. You were swinging your head from side to side trying to soak in everything. When he would try to put you to his chest you would fuss until he turned you out towards the world again. I love watching you trying to figure out things around you. Whenever we're out in public, people just dote over you. We can't go in the grocery store without stopping at least five times to answer strangers questions. I'm not sure if this is how it is with every baby, but it seems like people fall in love with you instantly. We're always hearing, "She's beautiful," or "She's so tiny!" When you were a newborn what we heard most often was, "She has so much hair!" You're hair is starting to fall out now, which makes Mama sad. I loved rubbing your soft head and pushing your hair to the side. I sort of knew this would happen though. Both your Papa and I had blonde hair when we were little, and Papa's hair did the same thing when he was a newborn.

Your smiles and jabbering make my heart burst. You're especially talkative first thing in the morning. After you nurse we usually have our morning 'conversation' full of coos and smiles, grunts and squeals. I'm still waiting on a laugh from you. Sometimes you give a sort of silent laugh, but I can't wait to hear you really giggle. When your Papa comes home from work in the evening you always greet him with the biggest, wide open grin. You also smile every time I lay you down on our bed and you spot the ceiling fan. You found it a few weeks ago and you guys have been best friends ever since. The toys that are hanging above your car seat have been spotted too, but you aren't sure what to think about them yet. I moved one of them into your playpen that we lay you in when we're downstairs and you've started trying to figure it out. You swat at it a little and talk to it, probably asking it what it is, what it does, and why it's so close to your face.

You've started being able to settle yourself pretty easily now. We gave you a pacifier recently and you love it as much as you love the ceiling fan, I'm pretty sure. It helps you settle yourself at night and gives you a little bit of patience when your hungry and I can't get to you right away. You have little rolls around your thighs and wrists now. You were having some trouble gaining weight so I'm especially proud of those. Sometimes when I put my finger in your mouth to break the suction while you're nursing you grunt at me and I laugh every time. You have such a spunky personality. You're good at telling us when you're hungry or need a clean diaper. Sometimes I'll sign 'milk' or 'diaper' and you'll smile and coo at me, happy that I understood your cries for help. You haven't caught onto the signing, but I don't think you're coordinated enough just yet. You know what the signs mean, you just can't get enough control over your hands to make them.

Your eyes were dark blue at birth, but they've started to turn green. I'm not sure whether they'll end up green or continue changing to brown. We'll just have to see. You had your first set of shots at the beginning of this month and because I decided on an extended schedule, you go back again in a few days to get a different set. We had a bit of scare with the last set. The site where they injected the vaccination got really sore. I went to change your diaper and you threw your arms out to the side, curled your legs up, tensed up your whole body, and screamed like I had never heard you scream before. Your reaction was so quick that I thought you were having a seizure for a minute. I scooped you up, held you and rocked you, and called your Papa sobbing so he came home right away. It was nothing a dose of Tylenol couldn't fix, but for a second I thought something had gone horribly wrong. We were a little apprehensive about vaccinating you to begin with, but I also couldn't live with myself if we chose not to vaccinate you and you got sick because of it. So we chose to forgo the unnecessary ones and spread the rest out to give your immune system less to deal with all at once. I'm not sure what you weigh right now, but at your two month appointment you were 10 pounds, 2 ounces, 22 inches long, and had a head circumference of 37 cm. You've finally outgrown your newborn clothes and are in 0-3 month sizes now.

Just the other day you rolled from your back to your side, then promptly put your self to sleep. You also do that when the pacifier falls out of your mouth and you want it back, but you haven't mastered that skill quite yet. I'm sure you'll be rolling over onto your tummy within the next week or two. Sleeping has been sporadic. Some nights you'll sleep 5 or 6 hours (the longest you've slept was 8 and it was glorious), but the past few days it's been every 2 or 3. We're still swaddling you because you wake up by slapping yourself in the face if we don't. You cry and fight us every time we try, but you fall right to sleep afterwards. I don't think you've figured out that you're the one waking you up. You yell and get mad every time you're rudely awaken, but keep moving your hands and hating the swaddle anyway. I can't complain too much though. I'm usually able to get a good 8 hours of sleep, even if I have to get up 3 or 4 times in the night.

I have a feeling your development is going to starting picking up throughout the next month or two and I can't wait to celebrate all of your milestones. It's a joy to be raising you, Evie.

All the Love in the Universe,


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