Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A few months ago I stumbled upon a book about a traveling woman who sends herself postcards throughout her journey. When she returns home, she has hundreds of postcards that each hold small details of her adventures - things she hadn't thought to write in her journal. (For those who are interested, this is the book I'm referring to.) It is still on my long and growing 'to read' list, but it sparked an idea in me that I'm very excited about.

When I was pregnant, I searched and searched for the perfect baby book, but nothing seemed like a good fit. There usually wasn't enough space to write (If you haven't already noticed, I can be a bit wordy.) or the prompts were cheesy and irrelevant. Some were too simple and some too detailed. I do my best to keep track of your milestones and include them in the letters I write to you each month, and I take plenty of pictures of you each day - but I want to give you something more than typed letters at a URL and digital files of pictures from your childhood. I've already written about how much we love handwritten letters in this family, and you will get plenty of those, but I usually only find the time to sit down and write those on special occasions.

What about the every day? What about the days to come when I will take you out for a seemingly normal walk, but in your two year old heart it will be a grand adventure? What about the family vacations we hope to take often? I want to capture those in a way that won't get lost in the years of blog posts or stacks of long letters. I want you to have something to hold, something you can run your fingers along when I'm old and gray and you have little ones of your own, something that your childhood will seep out of and will bring you back to your roots as you sit cross legged with stacks of memories around you.

So I've written you a few postcards. It is a small beginning and I wish I had more from the last few months. I'm always on the hunt for blank ones, but it seems that postcards are a lost art. They're much harder to find than I had anticipated, unless you're in a touristy spot in town. I plan on keeping it a surprise as long as possible. I'm not sure when I'll share them all with you - I may mail them to you one by one when you leave for college, or I could give them all to you on your wedding day. I'm sure I'll know when the time is right. I hope you enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed collecting them, and I hope they bring back wonderful memories of what once was.

All the Love in the Universe,


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