Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday, January 1st.
We took a winter bike ride at sunset.

Wednesday, January 2nd.
I caught you unraveling the aluminum foil.

Thursday, January 3rd.
You figured out how to make the birdies dance and sing.

Friday, January 4th.
It was nap time and Mama was still taking pictures.

Saturday, January 5th.
I almost forgot to take a picture today, so I had to sneak in and snap a quick one after you had already gone to bed.

Sunday, January 6th.
This is one of your favorite toys that we gave you for Christmas. You're amazed with how the pieces fit into one another.

Monday, January 7th.
You love when Papa and I stick out our tongues with you.


  1. You capture so lovely moments... this little girl is so very sweet! I especially love the pic of you two on the bike! Cuteness!

  2. I love the weeks worth of photos! I really love how she still sleeps swaddled, my little guy still loves to go to sleep swaddled (but wakes up completely free lol).

  3. oh my god that naptime picture kills me - I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it (I have the same reaction often to my own toddler G's outrage face)

    and the aluminium foil?! genius kiddo.

    I'm also impressed you are going for the 365 as I think the 52 is as much as I will manage.



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