Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Tuesday, January 22nd.
You crawled into the pantry while I was putting groceries away and poured out all of Papa's sunflower seeds.
I put them in a bowl for you to play with and you proceeded to shovel them into your mouth by the fistful.


Wednesday, January 23rd.
You've started standing up by yourself for a minute or so at a time. You'll probably be walking in no time.


Thursday, January 24th.
You've learned how the light switches work and 
love turning them on and off every time we leave a room.


Friday, January 25th.
You climbed in and out of the laundry basket by yourself for the first time. 
Once you figured it out you couldn't wait to do it again. A little while after I took this picture,
 I caught you sitting in your new found comfy spot, watching television.


Saturday, January 26th.
We had some extra company around the house today, as Ezra's parents went out to celebrate their 3rd anniversary.
You two had fun feeding each other cereal and climbing on top of one another.


Sunday, January 27th.
You got a necklace of beads at church today and wouldn't put them down, even during lunch.


Monday, January 28th.
You learned how to climb today. Along with the dishwasher, you climbed onto the microwave shelf
in the kitchen and over the storage bins, into the back of your closet.


  1. These are great! I have a similar photo of my daughter in the dishwasher :0) love the top one too .

  2. I love that picture of her in the dishwasher, too funny! And he's been getting into the pantry a lot too lately. I keep laughing at all the 'naughty' little things Riggs is learning to do, it truly brightens my day a little each time I find him 'getting into' something. I'm sure it'll cease to be cute as he gets older, but for now I just love it :)

  3. haha that dishwasher one made me laugh! Thanks!

  4. We have a little one that loves the dishwasher too! You captured a great picture!!



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