Saturday, February 23, 2013


Tuesday, February 5th.
You like to stand on the other side of your walker and watch TV - silly girl.


Wednesday, February 6th.
Sometimes I'll capture a moment that looks completely insignificant to most people, but means the world to me.
This was one of of those moments. I can't believe how beautiful you are, inside and out.


Thursday, February 7th.
Papa and I have wanted a record player for a few years now and were finally able to find one in our price range. 
We spend large amounts of time having dance parties or lounging around in the bedroom while you wrestle with the cases.


Friday, February 8th.
You took your first self portrait today. 
You're obsessed with my camera, so I let you play with it for a few minutes - supervised, of course.
Any time I'm trying to get a shot of you from the floor and you notice me on your level, 
you hurry hurry hurry over to where I am in hopes of touching the camera.


Saturday, February 9th.
You love playing with Mama's pearls. I even taught you how to put them around your neck, 
and you sit and do it over and over every day.
Also, every time you sit up on your knees like this, you remind me of a little groundhog.


Sunday, February 10th.
A year ago, today was my due date.


Monday, February 11th.
You've been having a hard time teething lately and this morning was no exception, 
so I put you in the sling that we haven't used in months. You were calm for about 3 minutes, 
then you decided it was way too cramped in here, you'd had enough and wanted out.


  1. Evangeline and Aubrie are so much alike! I am loving this age right now. Learning something new every day and still so innocent.

  2. Gorgeous pics. I love how babies lie on their back and stick their legs up using their feet to help hold things, super cute.

  3. Little legs up in the air while looking at the record. Priceless.



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