Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Tuesday, February 12th.
I can never have too many pictures of you two asleep together.


Wednesday, February 13th.
You are obsessed with this basket. You usually move your toys in and out of it, but lately you've been dumping all of them out, crawling into it awkwardly, and sitting there entertained by the prospect of being somewhere new.
When I see you sitting in it, I tell you to hold onto the handles and we take a ride around the house on our smooth floors.
I love the sound of your laughter.


Thursday, February 14th.
Happy Valentine's Day, little one! We took you to a diner today and let you have your first taste of milkshake!
This is one of those funny things you've started doing recently.
I don't know where you got it or why you do it, but it makes me laugh every time.
You're such a peach.


Friday, February 15th.
You love to share your food with us. In fact, you really don't mind sharing anything with anyone.
When other kids will take things from you, I always expect you to get your feelings hurt,
but so far you don't seem to care. You just crawl away and come back for it when they put it down.


Saturday, February 16th.
Papa was trying to talk you into giving him kisses.


Sunday, February 17th.
You love riding on our shoulders and I love seeing your face light up.
Your happiness is contagious.


Monday, February 18th.
We drove to Edgewood to pick up four chickens this weekend and collected our first egg from them today.


  1. Love all of the pictures, it's so fun seeing another little one that's about the same age as Riggs :) Love her little fingers grasping the egg and her sweet little sleepy face in the first picture.

  2. These are lovely. Just adore sleeping shots , just beautiful.

  3. Oh, I can not resist photos of my girls and their Daddy asleep either. And the kiss one! Too cute!

  4. Love the pictures with baby and daddy. So precious!!



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