Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Tuesday, February 26th.
The former owner of our house was a painter (with questionable taste I might add). 
He painted a mural on the living room ceiling that you seem to enjoy several times a day. 
We will be playing or watching cartoons and you'll stop, look up, jabber and point, and then go on about your business again.


Wednesday, February 27th.
In a box somewhere, I have a picture of me sitting in this exact laundry basket 
when I was just a few months younger than you are now.
I will dig it out soon and leave a side by side comparison here for you.


Thursday, February 28th.
I finally got around to taking your 12 month pictures, the last in the set of monthly pictures that
I've been taking since you were this little. We've come such a long way since then 
and it's bittersweet - a lot of things are in life. I miss the small, innocent, infant you were with simple needs and no opinions, but I love the wild, zealous little girl you're becoming. The entire time that I attempted to take your picture,
you wrestled with Elmo and refused to lay down for more than a few seconds. 
You are busy and active. A few tears were shed because Mama kept asking you to hold still.


Friday, March 1st.
We spent the afternoon pruning the fruit trees in the backyard. 
You're becoming more of a Papa's girl with each passing day and it makes my heart soar.


Saturday, March 2nd.
Although it's almost Spring, I bought you a new winter hat. 
You can't see it in the picture, but it has kitty cat ears on it. 
I just can't resist baby things with ears.


Sunday, March 3rd.
Today was your friend Ezra's 1st birthday party. You really loved the balloons!


Monday, March 4th.
Some of my favorite moments as a Mama are some of the simplest - 
like seeing you mesmerized by the way the wind catches the dead grass when you throw it into the air.


  1. Beautiful photos. Evangeline is such a sweet little soul! Love her intent interest in things!

  2. love that pic of her with elmo, her eyelashes are so thick and beautiful!

  3. Aubrie loves balloons too! Great set of photos! I love the one with her and her daddy. So sweet!



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