Monday, April 1, 2013


Tuesday, March 5th.
Ever since you were a tiny little thing, you've loved being outside. It has always brought about a calm in you, 
an ease in your muscles, a contentedness in your eyes. As the trees bud, the grass sprouts up through the dry and dead, 
and the birds begin to sing, we become more and more restless inside, but responsibilities are still there. 
If Mama could take you outside all day, every day I would. Because I can't, I drug your old bouncer onto the patio 
and you've been taking full advantage of it every afternoon as Mama cooks dinner. I leave the French doors open 
and listen to your coos and babbles as you talk to the chickens and let the wind blow through your hair.


Wednesday, March 6th.
This smile kills me. You are so cute.


Thursday, March 7th.
You had your first peanut butter and jelly sandwich today, so you've officially graduated to 'kid' status. 
I asked you to 'say cheese' and this is what you gave me. . . you cheeky little thing.


Friday, March 8th.
You had your first chocolate chip cookie. I've never seen you so hyper.


Saturday, March 9th.
Today was Mama's 23rd birthday. 
We took a trip to Santa Fe to go to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, 
then snuggled up in front of the fireplace, watched the snow fall, 
and had some delicious food at Second Street Brewery. 
Each year just keeps getting better and better with you guys.


Sunday, March 10th.
You saw the other kids at church with suckers and kept pointing at them, 
telling us you wanted one, so we broke down and let you have your first Dum-Dum today. 
You knew exactly what to do with it and managed not to get you and I too sticky. 
It was gone in less than five minutes.


Monday, March 11th.
You like to play in between the two curtains while I shower. 
You also like to take every thing you can find 
(the roll of toilet paper, dirty clothes, my phone, every bath toy you own, etc.) 
and throw it in the shower with me. 
It's an entertaining twenty minutes, to say the least.


  1. What a fabulous journal...and Gramma doesn't feel quite so far away.

  2. oh so jealous that your house is set up so that you can let her be outside while you cook! Riggs would love that:) also I love that picture of her between the shower curtains!

    1. We just bought the house last June and that was the thing that pretty much sold us on it!

  3. Love, love, love the shower picture! Aubrie is the exact same way while I attempt to shower. In fact, our little girls are so much alike. Aubrie loves the outdoors too! And oh, to be 23 again.

    1. The other day she was doing that same thing and managed to pull the shower rod and curtains down on top of me. . . of course while my face was covered in soap, so I had NO IDEA what was going on! Crazy kid.

  4. Oh I love your illustration of her enjoying the outdoors! I feel like I can hear her enjoying it myself!

    Happy Birthday for the 9th! My husband's birthday was the 6th, and my mum's the 9th! So it's a good time to be having a birthday. :)



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