Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday, March 12th.
You took your first steps moments before this picture was taken. Here you are enjoying your reward, a mango tea popper.
I would have liked to have gotten them on camera (video would have been even better),
but Papa was too busy to coax and catch you so I had to manage.
I tried to swallow my Mama emotions, but I still let a few tears fall when we got back to the car.
So many times I wish I could take these moments, pull them out of my mind, and save them for you -
emotions, sounds, textures, and all included. I do my best to capture our life through photos, 
but often times they just don't satisfy this desire like I would like them to.
Wednesday, March 13th.
You have developed this lovely habit of throwing your food in the floor.
When I crawl under your high chair to pick it up, you always watch me through your little peephole.

Thursday, March 14th.
I call you our little Koala bear a lot because 
you love to hang off our sides and watch us work. As tired as I get of holding you,
I dread the day that you're too big to just climb up onto my hip. I'll miss you there.
Also, your face is always dirty these days. I think of it as the mark of childhood.

Friday, March 15th.
Our friends from Texas, Dan and Victoria and Landin, came to visit us and we took a trip to the zoo.
The sea lions were your favorite.

Saturday, March 16th.
We took a trip to the new Target to pass the time while Papa was at band practice.
You absolutely refuse to sit down in the shopping cart. 
I think I spend 75% of the time asking you to 'please put your bottom down' anywhere we go.
I managed to control myself and we left with two wooden cars.

Sunday, March 17th.
We finally found a pair of shoes that will stay on your feet (you're still in a size 3). 
You love to play with the velcro on them.

Monday, March 18th.
This is your spot while Mama is cooking. You love to play with all the wooden spoons.


  1. Her face, at the zoo. So priceless. She is so concentrated. Beautiful.

    1. It was a really fun trip for us. She is at the age that she's actually interested and notices the animals now, so she was yelling and tapping on the glass. I think my favorite thing about raising her is watching her learn. . .

  2. First steps such a big week! Seth Loved playing with wooden spoons. We actually went through a phase where cooking utensils had to go with us everywhere!

  3. That is so sweet what you wrote about her first steps. Aubrie likes to drop things off her high chair too - but she thinks she is helping feed the dog by doing so, lol.



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