Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Tuesday, March 19th.
We bought you your first, very own kid's meal today.
You just recently learned how to dip things in sauce and that's what you thought the applesauce was for.
You figured out quickly that grilled cheese and applesauce don't go together very well.
You also had your first taste of chocolate milk, which you were really interested in at first,
but after a few drinks you lost interest.


Wednesday, March 20th.
I've been working with you on using a fork lately.
You found this one under the table, rolled the acorn squash out of the pantry, and decided it was lunch time.


Thursday, March 21st.
I love catching you doing 'big kid' things.
(You were watching cartoons.)


Friday, March 22nd.
This is what you've started doing with your frustration when I won't pick you up.


Saturday, March 23rd.
Papa was pretending you were the heaviest baby on Earth and you thought it was hilarious.


Sunday, March 24th.
You had your first encounter with a rocking horse at a friend's house today.


Monday, March 25th.
Grocery shopping day is probably your favorite day of the week. I can't wait until you're big enough to push the kid carts around at TJ's. I used to get so excited about those when I was a kid.


  1. I love the picture of Alex lifting her. It is too cute. I have to go to Hyatt's in Addison sometimes so Caylee can use the kiddo grocery carts. She loves them.

    1. Thanks, see thinks the silliest things are SO funny.

  2. Love that last one of her with all the groceries! Wish there was a place with kid carts up here! I know Riggs would already love it!

    1. Grocery shopping is her favorite! She gets so excited when we get to the front door, smiles and 'talks' to everyone, and likes to 'help' me unpack all the food when we get home. I'm hoping she always likes it . . . it sure does make it easier to go when I know she isn't going to throw a tantrum.



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