Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Tuesday, April 2nd.
We were up all night for the first time last night with a feverish, vomiting baby. 
We almost took you to the emergency room, but you started holding down liquids after just a few hours, 
so we stayed home and let you sleep with us.
Seeing you so sick and helpless was really hard for me - thankfully it was nothing serious.


Wednesday, April 3rd.
This is your best fish face impression.


Thursday, April 4th.
You had an appointment with the cardiologist this morning to check on the hole/murmur that you've had since birth.
The results weren't terrible, but they weren't good either. The small hole is close to a valve and
the Dr. has always been concerned about it causing the valve to leak, which is what has started happening.
We're going to check on it again in another three months - if it has gotten worse, then surgery will probably be our next move. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that, but I'm also thankful it's something minor that
can be fixed without a big chance of complication.


Friday, April 5th.
Grampa and Becca shipped your Great Grandmother's piano to us. This is the piano that Mama took lessons on.
You weren't sure about it at first, but you've warmed up to it and love to play it each morning now.
It didn't take long for you to learn how to pull the cover up and slide it back to get to the keys.
You do this a couple times a day, stand on your tip toes to press a few keys, then run away.
Someday soon I'm going to learn how to really play it.


Saturday, April 6th.
Papa has started singing in the worship band at church. They had practice today,
so I had to put you down for a nap in the swing in the nursery, which you were entirely too big for.


Sunday, April 7th.
We really didn't expect to have such wonderful neighbors when we moved into this house.
After we had been in the house a few days, they came over to introduce themselves
and brought us fresh peaches and plums from their tree in the backyard. Now you go over there a few times
a month just to hang out and play with their dogs and jump on their trampoline. 
Here you are trying to pass Javier all the leaves in our yard.


Monday, April 8th.
This 'see if I can fit myself anywhere' faze is probably my favorite one yet. 
This picture reminds me of a scene from Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree.


  1. beautiful photos, love the piano pic! I hope her heart does better and she avoids surgery!

  2. Oh poor baby :( Hope she's feeling better.



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