Monday, June 3, 2013


Tuesday, April 9th.
Sometimes you do this when I say 'cheese' and for a split second, I think I want a million more babies just like you.


Wednesday, April 10th.
You're always so happy to see Papa when he gets home from work. 
You love to take his hat off and on and laugh with us when we laugh at you.


Thursday, April 11th.
You like to try and 'ride' things these days. It was the pack of toilet paper's turn today.


Friday, April 12th.
We went for an evening hike in the foothills of the mountains and saw the sky morph 
into shades of purple and orange and pink, then fade into the night. 
We picnicked in the dark, accompanied only by the city lights in the background. 
It was rejuvenating and inspiring.


Saturday, April 13th.
You've finally gotten to a point where you will actually sit still for an entire story or two before bed time. 
You bring me books throughout the day and climb into my lap. Because of my love for reading, I can't really ever say no.


Sunday, April 14th.
You've been working on getting your molars through lately and it's been tough - for you and me.


Monday, April 15th.
You got in trouble for pulling Mama's camera down off the island. This was my test shot to make sure it wasn't broken.


  1. I love all the little moments that you've captured that you will look back on so fondly in the future.

  2. Love the pictures...it's so fun to see another baby that at about the same stage as Riggs. His bottom molars just came in and now its the k9s - no fun at all, especially since I'm not used to it as he never had problems with any of his other teeth!

    PS glad your camera is ok!



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