Friday, June 7, 2013


Tuesday, April 16th.
So sometimes I do crazy, stupid, silly things just to make you happy and on this particular day I decided to do this,
but I kicked both of my feet into the air (an uncoordinated person's handstand, if you will). 
You thought it was the funniest thing you'd seen since the time Papa acted out the scene from Snow White when the dwarf is describing Snow White as having 'big horns and fangs' and he wiggles his fingers up above his head and in front of his mouth. Then you tried to do it too and this is as far as you got. We both couldn't stop laughing! 
Now every time you do this, I cheer for you and it occupies you for a good ten minutes.
You're such a ham, I swear.


Wednesday, April 17th.
Papa introduced you to the harmonica today. You were fascinated.
(You also learned how to stack blocks for the first time. You thought it was really scary when they would fall.)


Thursday, April 18th.
We've finally found our favorite pizza place here and we frequent it at least once a month. 
You love pizza! And I love your pizza-filled cheeky smiles! 
(Albuquerque readers, the Central Park pizza at JC's New York Pizza Department on Central is where it's at!)


Friday, April 19th.
I downloaded a few apps to keep you entertained on the road trip that we've been planning. 
You were more entertained by your reflection.


Saturday, April 20th.
Mama got a new haircut this morning!


Sunday, April 21st.
We went for a hike and did some sporadic bouldering with you on Papa's back today and you loved it! 
We wanted to get outside, so we jumped into Papa's truck, drove towards the mountain, and just picked a trail.
We walked down the trail for a little ways, said "Hey, let's climb that hill mountain," and we did.
Luckily, we met a couple at the top who offered to take a picture for us. I love that you're up for anything.
People often look at us like we're crazy and say, "You do that with a baby?" but it's normal for us.
We carry you along on our adventures and you're content to just be out of the house.


Monday, April 22nd.
You think milk ties are bracelets.


  1. they're all so cute as usual, love seeing a little glimpse into your days with E.

  2. Your hair looks lovely and I can just picture the happiness around the hand stand attempts!

    1. Thank you! She's started to laugh when we laugh, even if she doesn't know what's funny and I love it. It makes for a happy house for sure.



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