Thursday, June 20, 2013


Tuesday, April 23rd.
You have gotten into the mimicking stage lately and I die from the cuteness daily. You push the broom and swifter
around with a look of intense concentration and break into a proud grin when I clap for you and laugh.
You also love to point out 'uh-ohs,' run and get the towel from off the oven handle, and wipe them up.
You love to help. You want to feel like you have a place in our lives and aren't just here to be tripped over.
I try to take time to let you know that you matter, but fail at realizing when you need it the most sometimes.
Even if you can't help us with all the menial tasks that need done around the house,
you bring a lot of love to the table and that's all we really all need anyways.


Wednesday, April 24th.
Since you were able, you have played with your own hair while nursing to sleep.
A lot of days I will catch you waking up from your nap by rubbing your own head. It doesn't matter how hard a day has been,
if I sneak into your room while you're napping my heart will melt into a pool at the foot of your crib.
I will never have enough pictures of you sleeping.
(Also, you were lucky enough to get Papa's insanely gorgeous eyelashes.)


Thursday, April 25th.
This was completely unstaged. (My spell check says unstaged isn't a word, but it totally is in my mind, so I'm going with it.)
It was too quiet, so I came looking for you and found you here, pearl necklace crown and all.


Friday, April 26th.
We went over to Ian and Allie's for dinner and they had bought this new contraption for Ezra.
This is the nice thing about having kids at a young age - you can do things like this and have fun.
(Who am I kidding? I will still be doing things like this with you when you're 10 or 20 or 30.)
In fact, I think Papa was having more fun than you, but you liked it pretty well
(much more than it seems by the face you're making here).


Saturday, April 27th.
You're at this stage where you don't want to crawl anymore,
but you aren't coordinated enough to walk everywhere yet so you do this.
We call you Mowgli.


Sunday, April 28th.
Today was the first day of a two and a half week road trip that we're taking. Our first stop is Graham, Texas.
We stopped to get gas and feed you a snack and you found some crates to push around while Papa talked to a local.


Monday, April 29th.
On our way to Alabama, we stopped to see David, Lyndsey, and Sophie. We got to their house late last night and
you were so excited to wake up this morning in a house full of new toys with another person to play with.
When you were little, you didn't like to swing much. I tried it several time and every time you would get anxious and cry,
so I gave up, but we tried again today and it looks like you finally came around to the idea.


  1. Oh, I love the sleepy one. And the necklace! And her unique bracelet, so cute!

  2. Gorgeous collection of photos! She is adorable xx

  3. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for post. That was really cute. :)



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