Friday, June 21, 2013


Tuesday, April 30th.
We're headed to Daingerfield, Texas today to camp in a state park.
We stopped at a park to eat a picnic lunch from the cooler and stretch our legs.
You've been a really good traveler so far. I think it's in your genes.


Wednesday, May 1st.
We're headed to Memphis, Tennessee today. Most of our things are strapped to the roof -
we hit rain and had to pull over, so we ate snacks in the car.
You ate trail mix out of Papa's hand like a horse and he couldn't stop laughing.


Thursday, May 2nd.
We finally made it to Alabama, but every one was still at work.
So we found a place to rest and I made you a wildflower crown.


Friday, May 3rd.
Welcome to the South. You'll have some mosquito bites to match your Poison Oak rash before we leave, I'm sure.
I've never been allergic to it, but Papa is and it looks like you got the short end of the stick too.

Saturday, May 4th.
Since we were in Cullman for such a short time, we invited everyone to lunch today.
Gramma held up her camera and you instantly smiled for her.


Sunday, May 5th.
You were a flower girl in Uncle Dustin and Aunt Meagan's wedding today.
You were fascinated by the beads on her dress.
It was strange to see you walk down the aisle for someone who has been such a big part of my life for so long and in so many different seasons before you came along - circle of life kind of stuff is what I'm talking about, I guess.
She lived across the street from me for years, I rode to school with her every day of my freshman and sophomore years
of high school, she was my college roommate, she stood next to me on the day that I married your Papa,
and now I hope she will be a best friend all of her life to you too.
You're loved my so many people, Evie, and you deserve every ounce of it.


Monday, May 6th.
I love watching your little hands examine things. I caught you running your fingers over your toy giraffe,
turning it over in your hands, and bringing it to your face to get a closer look.
Today was our last day in Alabama, so we stopped in Birmingham for lunch (Oh, Jim & Nick's, I miss you).
We drove through our old neighborhood and past the apartment that Papa and I lived in during our first year of marriage.
I snapped a picture of the abandoned building down the street that we sat on the balcony of and
watched fireworks light up the sky over the Vulcan on our first Fourth of July together.
Then we headed off to our first stop on the way back to New Mexico - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


  1. So gorgeous! I love the way she is investigating the wedding dress. Gorgeous x

  2. love the traveling pictures, looks like you guys are having a good trip so far!

    1. haha I guess I should say you 'had' a great trip, since this was back in May!

    2. Yeah, I'm a bit behind and it's bothering me, but I hope to get a few minutes to catch up soon.

  3. Traveling to old haunts with new eyes is always fun. Watching your best friend start their new life is priceless.



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