Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Tuesday, May 7th.
We spent the day walking around New Orleans.


Wednesday, May 8th.
This is Josh and Tiffany - like many other people you've met on this trip, they've played such an influential part in our lives. Papa and Josh met in college and worked together for a few years. When we came back from our honeymoon,
Papa didn't have a job. He worked with his dad for a few weeks, but we knew we didn't want to stay in Cullman.
Papa got a call from Uncle Dustin about a job at the Toyota dealership in Birmingham.
He took it, but we didn't have anywhere to stay, so Josh and Tiffany took us in until we found an apartment.
We drove down to Baton Rouge just to see them and we're glad we did. We have people we love scattered far and wide
across the country, and it is so neat to watch you meet and make friends with all of them instantly.


Thursday, May 9th.
You enjoyed the sand and seashells, but the water - not so much. The tide snuck up on you and you ran to Mama screaming.


Friday, May 10th.
You met your Uncle Eric, Aunt Jenny, and cousins Michael, Brian, and Ty today.
There's a really big age gap between Eric and I, so we have never had a lot to talk about,
but I see them being a big part of our family from now on.
We really enjoyed visiting with them and talked about letting you stay with them each summer when you're older.
We don't live near a lot of family and have always worried that you wouldn't grow up with anyone besides us.
It's comforting and encouraging to have family members who want to be a part of your life, regardless of distance.


Saturday, May 11th.
We've been staying with Dan, Victoria, and Landin while we've been in San Antonio,
but we somehow managed not to get a picture with them before we left, so I felt the need to mention them here.
We met them in Wichita Falls, Texas when Papa was at tech school.
She lived in the same apartment complex and actually went with me to the Women's Health Clinic
the day I found out I was pregnant with you. They have been such good friends to us.
You've been sleeping with us on this trip and have started sleeping through the night.
Papa had to wrestle you several times a night to get you back to sleep at first (You have a milk obsession.),
but you've been doing so much better now and we all feel so much more rested.


Sunday, May 12th.
We drove to Balmorhea State Park, Texas today. They have a swimming pool that is fed by a natural spring
with tiny fish swimming all around. We got in and let them nibble on your toes a little. You thought it was funny.


Monday, May 13th.
We made it into New Mexico today and stopped at Carlsbad Caverns!


  1. Your new profile picture is so beautiful. I love how Evie is gazing up really wanting the sunglasses on. It's beautiful how you captured the twilight. I would have loved my Mum and Dad to do something like this for us, Evie is so lucky that you are creating this documentation for her. Glad you are getting more sleep too!

  2. ooooo love the last capture. She looks so taken with the sunnies.

  3. Love the new profile picture and Evie definitely rocks the aviators well! ;)

  4. Love the sunnies photo!! ANd she is gorgeous running away from the water :)



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