Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Tuesday, May 14th.
Our last stop on this road trip was Roswell. We wanted to do something really touristy, so we went to the UFO Museum.
Papa wanted me to pose like I was sending you away with the aliens (which I felt ridiculous doing) -
you didn't like that very much.


Wednesday, May 15th.
You love to sit in the fridge and pull out all of the condiments. When we ask you to come out, you always throw the biggest fit. 
I guess I can't expect you understand what 'wasting energy' means.


Thursday, May 16th.
You finished all of your lunch and thought the plate looked tasty.


Friday, May 17th.
We took a trip to the zoo today. The seals are always your favorite, but the giraffes are a close second.


Saturday, May 18th.
Last year, the Downtown Grower's Market was our Saturday morning routine and it's one of my favorite routines we have. Today was the opening day and we found out that you really like radishes.


Sunday, May 19th.
Summer is finally here.


Monday, May 20th.
You were rummaging through your closet (which is embarrassingly cluttered and needs organized)
and found an old bottle from the days of using the supplemental nursing system.
You never took a bottle (sheer stubbornness on my part, not yours),
so now you think they're fun toys and you love to chew on it and 'paint' with it on the floor.


  1. Ha she is getting such a cute little personality, love that she just hangs out in the fridge! So funny :)

  2. This little girl is so cute! ... and I really had to laugh out loud as my Miss Lina loves to open the door to the fridge too and is standing there and cooling down!



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