Thursday, June 13, 2013


As a family, we have some of our best days outside. While walks around the neighborhood bring a sense of peace to our house, the absence of homes and cars and other people on a hike is rejuvenating. It helps us all come together, refocus, and breath without any distractions. So today we drove towards the foothills, picked a road and just took it wherever it led us. It's a funny thing, but we always drive Papa's truck when we go on local adventures. I always get nostalgic about riding in the middle of the bench seat, his hand on my leg when it's not on the gear shift, just like high school. While it isn't the safest place for you, there isn't a backseat, so you sit up front and you love being able to see us. You dance and smile and play peek-a-boo.

We walked down a trail a little ways, spotted what we called a mountain but was really just a hill and said, "Hey, let's climb that." So we did and when we reached the top, I took you out of the carrier and watched you wave at the whole city (and tried not to be too nervous about you being up so high). Shortly after we reached the top, another couple climbed up and offered to take a picture for us. Any time this happens, it means a lot to me because I'm always the one behind the lens and rarely get to be in the picture. We've had plenty of people meet our ability to bring you along for things like this with surprise or even disdain, but it's second nature for us. I can remember being 30 weeks pregnant, climbing to the back of a cave on my hands and knees with your Papa behind me calling out, "Are you sure you're okay? We can turn around." It's basically been the same since. You're always happy to come along and we're happy to take you exploring.


  1. Such a cute family! So glad you are sharing and enjoying your adventures together.

  2. beautiful photos and I love that family pictures, you guys are so cute!



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