Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Tuesday, May 21st.
You always have one foot hanging over the edge when you fall asleep in the carseat.


Wednesday, May 22nd.
Papa showed you how to make popcorn.
You were really surprised when the popcorn starting coming out from under the lid.


Thursday, May 23rd.
You've started doing something silly and then laughing at yourself lately.


Friday, May 24th.
It is impossible for you lay down while we read you a book. You have to be able to touch the pages.


Saturday, May 25th.
You can make a hat or necklace out of anything.


Sunday, May 26th.
You got your first band-aid needing 'boo-boo' today. A bottle of kombucha was left to carbonate too long,
so Papa put it outside. You found it and hit the corner of it on the patio tile. Since it was under a lot of pressure,
it exploded and a shard of glass hit your leg. Papa felt so bad for leaving the bottle out for you to find.


Monday, May 27th.
When a woman is pregnant, most men want a boy, so they'll have someone to help them with yard work or
vehicle maintenance, or to go camping and fishing with. 
You love to play outside and get dirty and hand tools to Papa more than any little boy I've seen.
When he's home, you're always with him. You're his buddy and he always tells people he loves having a girl.

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  1. love these photos, it is so fun to watch little E grow because her and Riggs are so close in age. Her hair is getting so long!

  2. Gorgeous! She is a cutie pie :) Love the sleeping in the car pic :)



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