Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday, May 28th.
You were stuck. I took pictures. You didn't like that.

Wednesday, May 29th.
I had a moment of realization today - You are a toddler, a child, a little girl now. 
We went for a bike ride and rode by a play ground. The last time I tried to take you to a play ground,
you didn't really know what to do. You kind of just wandered around, so we haven't been back since.
When you saw the play ground from the back of the bike, you started kicking and squealing and pointing -
so of course, I had to stop. I set you down and you took off towards the steps, climbed up them and went down the slide
all by yourself, not even looking to see if I was at the bottom (but of course I was). Then you ran over to the swings
and started hiking your leg up and saying, 'up-up.' You say every word twice (dog-dog, ball-ball, up-up).
I pushed you on the swing and taught you how to pump your legs, then we both went home and took a long nap together.
It was a good morning.

Thursday, May 30th.
I tried to teach you how to color today, but you were mostly interested in pulling the caps off and putting them back on.
Then you ate the tip off a marker and I decided we would put the markers away for awhile longer.

Friday, May 31st.
When I was a little girl, I had a pair of jelly shoes almost every summer. They were always my favorite and at one point,
I remember losing one of them on a tubing trip down the Salt River in Arizona. I was so upset - I cried.
I saw these in passing at Walmart, and while we try to buy quality items that are locally sourced or
previously loved at a thrift store, I couldn't say no to nostalgia. As I put these on your feet,
I couldn't help but smile and think off all the pairs of jelly shoes you'll wear out each summer through your childhood.
It was a right of passage of sorts. Welcome to the jelly shoes club.

Saturday, June 1st.
You've started climbing into the cabinets in the kitchen and closing the doors behind you. We'll look at each other and smile, then start yelling, "Mama/Papa, have you seen Evie? Evie, where are you? Hello?" and we'll listen to your stifled giggles.
Then you'll throw the doors open and smile like you're the cleverest baby there ever was.

Sunday, June 2nd.
This is one of my favorite pictures of you that I've taken yet.
These are the moments I will hold onto for a lifetime - afternoon naps, belly rubs,
arm stretched high above your head, afternoon light coming through our window, leg tickles, and deep laughs.

Monday, June 3rd.
This is how you help with laundry.


  1. Ah Jelly shoes. I would crumble and buy a pair each year to if I had a girl.

  2. beautiful photos. And riggs does the same thing with markers, or really anything with a cap. Off and on over and over. Although he hasn't eaten one yet so I guess that's good ;)

    1. PS glad to see you in the blog-hop!!!!

  3. Her face in the first pic-too funny! New follower :o)



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