Thursday, July 25, 2013


Tuesday, June 11th.
Papa took you on a date one Saturday morning a few weeks ago and let you pick out a toy at the end.
Most of the time, the simplest toys are your favorite - like this dollar giraffe.
I hope you always enjoy the simpler toys and simpler things in life.


Wednesday, June 12th.
Now that Summer is finally here, we've been trying to teach you the joy of playing in the sprinkler.
So far, you've gotten as far as sticking your hands in and letting the water run down to your elbows.
I guess that's a good start.


Thursday, June 13th.
This is your afternoon ritual when Papa gets home - full body hugs are the norm in the Jacobs' house.


Friday, June 14th.
Papa brought you home a surprise.
You smiled big and couldn't stop giggling when he pulled it out from behind his back,
then you ran around yelling, "ball ball" all day and laughing hysterically when we would bounce it off your head.


Saturday, June 15th.
You went to a birthday party today and got your face (and arm) painted for the first time.
You also let it be known that you do not like those bounce houses.


Sunday, June 16th.
You've been in a 'necklace' phase lately. You'll try to put anything around your neck (including Mama's underwear).
Papa was rummaging in the shed and you found this chain and piece of pipe.
He put them together for you and you've been wearing it around your neck for days now.


Monday, June 17th.
You enjoyed your first wedge of watermelon out on the patio today.


  1. Oh, those hands and feet. So beautiful.

  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful x

  3. love the sprinkler shot, so lovely. and her 'necklace' - so cute!



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