Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh, Mondays.

It's been a lazy day around here. Evie slept in until 7:30 and I managed to talk her into snuggling with me for another 30 minutes (which is unheard of these days and makes my Mama heart oh so sad). We had a cheater breakfast of leftover zucchini bread and a handful of cherries and spent the rest of the morning on the couch with snacks and the Goonies (and books for Evie - girl is obsessed). Now I'm sitting here, cup of coffee in hand, trying to recount this weekends events, so that I can share them here for you strangers to read about. Blogging is a really weird thing if you think about it.

Friday night we drove up to Los Alamos with some friends of ours whose parents volunteered their home to us all for the weekend. We got there late and let the babies run wild until midnight, then we all crashed and morning came way too soon. We went for a hike on Saturday morning at Bandelier National Park and enjoyed the cool, fresh air. Evie experienced her first bus ride, which she was pretty enthusiastic about. After our long hike, we took a family nap for a few hours and it was glorious (queue angels singing). It isn't often that I allow myself to nap with Evie. Nap time is sacred and sleep feels wasteful. After nap time, we headed out to the public pool and let the babies swim. I'm noticing more and more of the kid in Evie each day and so many little things bring me back to my own childhood.

During the summer, when we were all out of school, the neighborhood kids and my sister and I would all beg our moms to take us to the public pool. We would pull up in our beat up mini van and jump out as fast as we could, with our towels and two quarters each for admission. I still distinctly remember the day that my mom gave us extra money to buy something out of the vending machine - I was on top of the world. We used to wander over to the Walgreen’s across the street when we got tired of swimming, and use our allowance to buy Pringle’s and candy bars. We live right down the street from a public pool, but Alex and I have never really thought about going. I'm just not into the public pool scene - pee pools and foot fungus and freezing water and whatnot. What's not to love about all that? I watched Evie splash and laugh, fall in the water and come up spitting and coughing, but still smiling, and go down the water slide with Alex and clap for herself at the end; it all reminded me of the love I had for water as a kid and realize I should brave the pool more often for her sake. She was so happy the entire time, even snuggled into a towel, shivering and blue.

On Sunday, we went for another long hike that I am paying for this morning. We probably hiked six miles or more, a lot of it uphill, but it was beautiful outside. At one point in the trail, Obsidian rock was scattered along it and we brought home a handful to put in our New Mexico memory jar. The sides of the trail were covered in wildflowers and we passed several beautiful meadows. Before moving here, I never would have imagined that beauty like this existed in a state mostly known as a desert. I'm surprised each time we take a trip North. Of course I forgot my camera and had to borrow one from our host, but I will be sure to share them as soon as I can get a copy from her.

It was a really relaxing weekend that we definitely needed. 

Hope all of your weekends were good!


  1. looks like fun. we have that same baby backpack for Riggs...friends gave it to us. it looks like there are so many fun things to do near there!

    1. That's funny, some friends of ours actually gave us this one too. Evie loves it!



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