Thursday, August 1, 2013


Tuesday, June 18th.
We went out for pizza tonight and decided to eat it in the park near our house.
You were so interested in the playground that you barely ate anything.
It was the first time Papa got to see you play on the playground by yourself.
You didn't stop laughing the entire time we were there.


Wednesday, June 19th.
You love to help me unload the groceries. You took it upon yourself to have a little snack before
we finished putting them away today. You love tomatoes!


Thursday, June 20th.
We took a trip to the Explora Museum with Allie and Ezra today and you really enjoyed it.
I've been feeling a little guilty (and rethinking the only child and/or homeschooling decision) about your lack of interaction with other kids lately. You seem to really thrive when you have a lot of people around you and
I feel like I can't give you what you need at home. Allie and I were getting a bit tired of walking and wrestling with
you two, so we took a break in the toddler play area. You climbed the play equipment, played peek-a-boo with kids
you didn't even know, and were so interested in the other people in the room, especially the older kids.
You seem to be more of a social butterfly than your Mama (and I'm glad - being shy is hard).

Friday, June 21st.
I love the spontaneous 'let's go,' throw you in the car in your pajamas,
and go out for ice cream kind of family dates the best.


Saturday, June 22nd.
I've been eyeing these kid carts at Trader Joe's since you were a little tiny thing,
thinking of the day when you would be big enough to push them around.
We only needed a few things, so I thought we'd use a tiny cart.
You were so proud of yourself and didn't stop giggling the entire time.
You aren't quite coordinated enough to maneuver it through the isles and not run into people,
but with Mama's help we managed to make it to the check out line.


Sunday, June 23rd.
You love to 'help' Mama by putting things in the trash can.


Monday, June 24th.
We went out for ice cream, then stopped at the park to let you play. You went down the slide all by yourself!


  1. Hey Andrea! Thanks for linking up today at the Mom-lovin blog hop! I love the photo challenge you are doing! It's awesome, I feel like I would fail miserably at it, but always wish I had done it! ;) maybe someday! Hope to see you again next week!

    1. Well I definitely won't be committing myself to it again next year, but it's a good creative outlet so I can't complain too much. ;)

  2. You write so truthfully and so well that it always lands me remembering a certain phase perfectly. The bit when kids need loads of stimulus but haven't learnt how to occupy themselves for more than 90 seconds is SO hard. It does pass though, I keep reminding myself that! I also seem to have a daughter is is far more outgoing than anyone else in the family and really craves company. The supermarket photograph with the little trolley is wonderful. Thanks for the nice things you wrote on my blog last week. Photography for me at the moment is like when I look in the mirror and just focus on the flaws and other people are better able to see the whole picture. I just see what could be better and it means such a lot to hear something good. I would love to buy a dress from you, I adore that style. I would of course cover the postage too. Let me know how I can get some money to you. My e-mail is julia.marie.cooke@gmail.com xxxxxx

    1. Thank you. :) The writing is what I'm most comfortable with. Like you, I'm always self conscious about the photographs. I would love to dedicate myself to learning more and getting some better shots at times, but I tend to just snap a picture or two when I get a few minutes and they don't always turn our great. I just try to remind myself that I'm doing this for memories sake - it doesn't have to be perfect.

      I'm actually in the process of building up stock for an Etsy shop that should open sometime in mid to late September. I can let you know when it opens up, so that you can choose between fabrics and styles. What size is your little one in so I can be sure to stock a few?

      I'll send you a note through email too, just in case you don't see this. :)

  3. Love all these photos. I think your E and my Riggs are a lot alike. He thrives on interactions with others and I'm more shy in big groups. He must get it from his dad! Also he's going through the same whining-at-my-leg stage and it's so exhausting. We've done the water thing too but now he's bored of it...time to get creative and think of something new I guess! ha



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