Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Tuesday June 25th.
I let you eat cookies in the bathtub. This was your first Oreo and you loved it. You held it with both hands and
took your time, savoring each bite. When you got to the cream filling, you rubbed it between your fingers and brought it close to your face, inspecting it, then licked it off. You finished one, then signed 'more,' so I let you have just one more.


Wednesday, June 26th.
The most rewarding thing about this project is that in the mess of things, it causes me to recognize and appreciate
the little things you do. You don't play in water the way I would expect a normal toddler to. You don't splash,
you don't sit down and revel in your weightlessness, you could care less about the boats and things I give you.
All you need is a cup - you fill it up, dump it out and watch intently as the water cascades out of it and down your arm. You do this over and over and over until I pull you away and even then you let me know you were not done. 
It seems that you learn with your hands (as do I), but you're also an observer. You love to watch things work.


Thursday, June 27th.
We have a lot of routine moments each day, but this is one of your favorites. When Papa comes home,
he lets you untie his boots. You pull on the strings, put things inside his boots, pick them up by the strings and walk
(a very short distance) with them, and Papa always tickles you with his green socked foot.
For some reason, you think green socked feet are funnier than any other feet.


Friday, June 28th.
Papa had his promotion ceremony today. We got to go up on stage with him and 'tack' his third stripe on.
Afterwards, we went to Standard Diner for lunch. You played peek-a-boo
and laughed uncontrollably at yourself in the mirror.


Saturday, June 29th.
Two monumental things happened today - You got your first bicycle (tricycle) and Mama caved to a fit for the
first time and let you have something you wanted. We set up a spot at a community yard sale, right across from
a woman selling this tricycle. You kept wandering over there to climb on it, and I kept pulling you away from it
because I didn't want you to want it - it was pink and plastic and you wouldn't be able to reach the pedals for
another six months and I would just end up bent over, pushing you around on it. After I got tired of chasing
you away from it and watching you get upset each time I wouldn't let you bring it with you,
I caved and asked the woman how much she wanted for it - $6. It was sold and worth every penny to see you this happy.


Sunday, June 30th.
We went for a short bike ride in the rain. You oo'ed and ah'd and pointed at the sky as the storm moved in and
the lightning got closer. Every time I think you will be scared of something, you surprise me. You're fearless.


Monday, July 1st.
In your Baby Animals book, the monkey puts a leaf on his head to keep the sun off, so we put the book on your head.


  1. Love the photos! Mya loves oreos too, although they are SUPER messy! Maybe I'll try them in the tub next time...

  2. love that pick of her on her new tricycle...her bow is just so sweet!



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