Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tuesday, July 2nd.
You like to 'fly' up and bring the leaves down with you.


Wednesday, July 3rd.
Your hair has finally started to grow, so much so that your bangs are constantly in your eyes.
You're going to be irresistibly cute with a pony tail.
That is one of those things that I love about being a Mama to a little girl -
pony tails and dresses and a having a future shopping partner.


Thursday, July 4th.
Tonight we all climbed up onto the roof in our pajamas, with a big bowl of popcorn
and watched the neighborhood fireworks. We kept you up way past your bedtime so you could clap after each boom.
You were fascinated by the explosions of color in the sky. It was a magical night that I will never forget.


Friday, July 5th.
You have changed me in more ways than I can explain, but the thing you do everyday is cause me to slow down
and revel in the small beauties in life. The simplest things keep you busy for hours. There is nowhere I would rather be than right here, watching the sun dance through the trees around you as you explore a little patch of rocks.


Saturday, July 6th.
Ian, Allie, and Ezra came over today and brought a splash pad with them.
You're kind of obsessed with playing peek-a-boo these days so 90% of your time was spent like this.


Sunday, July 7th.
I caught you and Papa doing yoga together.


Monday, July 8th.
It doesn't rain often here and when it does, it's usually just a light sprinkle - so when a thunderstorm rolls through and the backyard starts to flood, it calls for a celebration and a trip outside to catch rain drops and feel the boom of the thunder.


  1. I love the one of her and her dad on the rooftop :)x

  2. beautiful pictures Andrea! It's been so nice since having Riggs to slow down and notice the little things, just like he does...such a gift!



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