Sunday, August 18, 2013


Tuesday, July 9th.
You've started holding out your bowl (or plate) when you want more. Also, we keep all of your cups and bowls
in a bottom drawer in the kitchen and you will go and get a cup when you're thirsty, head straight for the fridge,
and hold your cup up as high as you can under the water button. I'm amazed daily at how smart you are.
You've really started to pick up on words and put ideas together lately. 18 months is going to be my favorite age, I think.


Wednesday, July 10th.
You taught yourself how to do this today, and then I had a heart attack and followed you around,
shutting all the doors in the house at least ten times each.


Thursday, July 11th.
This was your reaction when we introduced you to a frog for the first time.
Apparently frogs are the only thing you're afraid of.


Friday, July 12th.
Papa made a hammock in the back yard out of a canvas drop cloth and some rope
and you thought it was the coolest thing.


Saturday, July 13th.
As expected, you love the hammock. We went to the farmer's market this morning,
then spent the afternoon swinging in the back yard.


Sunday, July 14th.
You like to hold onto Papa's cheeks when you ride on his shoulders.

Monday, July 15th.
I asked you to smile for the camera and you happily obliged.


  1. These are beautiful. 18 months is a beautiful age I love the shot of your little one opening the door such precious capture. Have a blessed day x

  2. Love that you capture the laughs and the tantrums. Keeping it real! Gorgeous baby you've got there. :)

    1. Picking up my camera during the tantrums helps calm the frustration in me. ;)

  3. Oh I love this age. When my youngest was 18mths I just wanted to freeze time. Although, every stage is super cute, this age is one of the best watching them develop and learn so quickly. Love the frog photo, what a classic.

    1. A friend of mine told me "You'll think 18 months is your favorite age and everything will be fun. . . you'll start to get baby fever around this time too. Just wait until they turn two and all that baby fever and cuteness will be gone. Take my advice, just wait until she's two to decide whether you really want another one right now." She was absolutely right! Lol.

  4. I really love her little hands holding Papa's cheeks and that oh-so-determined look as she opens the door.

    1. Thank you, Julia! I think the one of her hands on Papa's cheeks is my favorite this week too. :)

  5. ROFL at the frog photo!!!!!!! 18 months is a delightful age.

    1. Oh, I have a video that's even funnier! I'm waiting to share it with all of my summer footage.

  6. I love the one of her holding on to Papa's cheeks. That's such a sweet picture! (Evangeline was almost our daughter's name, too!)



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