Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Tuesday, July 16th.
I heard you pushing a chair around in the kitchen, so I went to investigate and this is what I found.
You love playing in the sink! So much that I can barely get any dishes done around here anymore.


Wednesday, July 17th.
Our nursing days are fleeting. You still need me every now and then, but I see the end approaching.
Along with the end of nursing comes the end of a lot of physical closeness that we've had over the last two years.
I'm not sure what I'll do when it's actually over and you're a running, playing, won't slow down for Mama kid.
It's hard to imagine a day without you snuggled into me every few hours. You climbed into the hammock today 
and laid across my legs as we swung back and forth - and I savored it. I closed my eyes and let the stillness
of a summer afternoon with your skin against mine and the sway of the hammock carry me away.
My heart is breaking at the thought of having to let go, but there's still time to soak you in, so I will.


Thursday, July 18th.
I took you to your first story time this morning and you did better than I anticipated.
(For Albuquerque readers, Bookworks does a really great story time at 10:30 on Thursday mornings.)
I wasn't sure if you would be able to or want to sit still and listen to the story, but the woman reading was really animated and even brought out hand puppets and a cow bell. I had a hard time trying to explain to you that you couldn't walk to the front in the middle of the story and pick up the books and puppets, but that's an easy thing to misunderstand when
all you've known of books are the ones at home that you can pick up whenever you want. You really wanted to hug and kiss the animals and sit in the woman's lap to see the book better. You have a very obvious love for reading and learning that I hope will never go away. The world is a much more joyful place when you're enthusiastic about discovering it.


Friday, July 19th.
The climbing stage has started and I keep forgetting. I try to remember to push the chair under the table so that
I won't find you on top of the table anytime soon, but keep forgetting. I came into the kitchen this morning to find
that you had gotten your own cereal out of the cabinet and were sitting in my chair reading.


Saturday, July 20th.
We went for a hike in Bandelier National Park today. We stopped to explore a few caves that were carved into the rock and you started climbing the ladder yourself. You almost made it all the way to the top (with me hovering close behind, ready to catch you if you slipped). I love your determination. You slipped a few times and the steps of the ladder
were a little too far apart for you climb them easily, but that didn't matter to you.
You had made up your mind to climb it, so you did.


Sunday, July 21st.
We went for a long hike this morning, took a nap, then took you for a swim at the public pool.
There was a water slide attached to the big pool. I thought you would be scared of it,
but you went down it in Papa's lap and loved it. You're a fearless little girl.


Monday, July 22nd.
On the long list of parenting goals that I have, one that is definitely near the top is my desire to say yes
more than I say no and to let you enjoy being a kid. A lot of time this means changing your clothes four times a day because you're digging in the dirt and smashing your food in hair. During the summer,
it means lots of diaper-only time and playing in the water hose.


  1. Such great photos this week, love the one of her in the hammock with you and climbing the ladder at Bandelier National Park.

  2. I have to admit I am slightly jealous of your fleeting nursing times. Aubrie is so not ready! I love these pictures - the ladder and water ones are my favorites!!!

    1. It's a weird feeling. I have all this freedom that feels great, but at the same time I really miss the closeness.

  3. Love the last picture. Playing with the hose - such a simple pleasure :)
    Re the nursing: Despite being ready to be done with breastfeeding when my LO turned two I did miss it, but we were bed sharing at the time so there was still a lot of closeness. Eventually the longing to have her close will be overtaken by the delight in seeing her independence grow as she masters new things. You will love this new stage as much as you did the old.

  4. I nominated you for a Liebster award. :)


  5. Love the perspective on the hammock one!
    Great photos as usual!



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