Friday, September 6, 2013


Tuesday, July 23rd.
You insist on giving all of your toys kisses these days, even while we're trying to buckle you into your carseat.


Wednesday, July 24th.
It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep you entertained these days. I laid the memo board that normally hangs
on the wall in the kitchen on the floor and you promptly climbed on top of it and started to scribble away.


Thursday, July 25th.
You got a package from your grandparents in Arizona today!
They went to the Space Museum in Washington D.C. and bought you a space suit.


Friday, July 26th.
Papa sat you on the edge of the sink to wash your hands before dinner and
you decided to climb in and give yourself a bath.


Saturday, July 27th.
I caught you splashing in the birdbath.

Sunday, July 28th.
You really like 'helping' us with the dishes.


Monday, July 29th.
We went out for dinner at our favorite pizza place and walked out just in time to see the sunset
peeking out from behind the buildings and take a flight around the parking lot before heading home.


  1. oh man. that space suit it so cute! I bet she loved it! Your pictures are always so good at telling a story and I love the perspective you shoot from. Also one question, when did our babies get so big?! I have been noticing lately how grown up Riggs looks now and I hate to say it but Evie is looking pretty grown up too! :(

    1. Ah, I know! Ev is saying words that surprise me every day - I keep asking her 'since when can you talk?!' I have to say 18 months has been my favorite age though. Every day is so fun!

  2. What a sweetie giving all her toys a kiss that so cute. I love reading your words you have a real gift !

  3. I love the silhouette! I am learning those this week in photography school. She is such a cutie - I always enjoy your blog posts.

    1. I didn't know you were taking photography classes! Where are you taking them at?

  4. ha, I love that space suit!
    Helping with the dishes, naaawwwww

    1. Thanks, she wasn't a big fan. Lol. She just looked at me like, 'what is wrong with you, lady?'



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