Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday, July 30th.
You said 'bib' for the first time. It comes out sounding like 'beeb.'

Wednesday, July 31st.
You were really entertained by your reflection in the side of the mixer bowl.
You spent 30 minutes running up to it giggling, then watching yourself slowly back away.

Thursday, August 1st.
You are so excited about learning how to jump.
Going into the backyard every night after breakfast to practice has become a ritual of sorts.
(You're also 18 months old today.)

Friday, August 2nd.
You like to grab my phone and pretend you're talking to Papa. I don't know why it's always Papa, but it is.
You also pick up the iPad, put it up to your ear and yell 'H'LOW!' a lot, which always makes me laugh.
I wasn't prepared for how funny you are, but you can make me laugh more than anything else can these days.

Saturday, August 3rd.
You've been 'helping' Papa fix his truck the last few days. He took you for a ride around the driveway (sans-carseat)
and you laughed like a maniac. You got out smiling like he took you to Disney World.

Sunday, August 4th.
We went out for breakfast at The Flying Star Cafe, and you were pretty happy about it.

Monday, August 5th.
We took a trip to the zoo with Allie and Ezra to take advantage of the last few weeks of Summer. 

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  1. Happy 18 months to Evie! Riggs is trying to learn how to jump too, and it is sooo exciting! ;)

    1. Thank you! Oh, I think this is my favorite thing that she's tried to learn so far. She gets SO excited and laughs uncontrollably and squeals when we jump. She hasn't learned how to do it yet, but she's working on it. She squats down and then thrusts her body up and stiffens her legs and yells at the same time - so funny. You'll have to let me know when Riggs figures it out. ;)

  2. Such a fun age. I like the story/photo of her and the mixer bowl.

    1. Thanks, Faith! This is such a fun age and so far it's only getting more fun.

  3. I love the little details you always have with each of your pictures. These are going to be priceless to look back on.

    1. Thank you, SaraJane! I sure hope so. I've really enjoyed the project, but lately I find myself thinking of all the things I'm going to have time to do once I don't have to edit pictures for hours every week. ;)

  4. Great pictures Andrea. Such a perfect record of 'toddler-ness' :) I especially love the picture with the mixing bowl. Such a clever composition and her cheeky expression is great!



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