Monday, September 23, 2013


Tuesday, August 6th.
Fall is on our heels and I'm really looking forward to it. It's still hot during the day, but cools off at night,
so we let you stay up past your bedtime tonight to sit around the fire and roast marshmallows.
We talked a lot about the plans that we have for our family and whether you might like the move
that is creeping closer each month, but we mostly sat in silence and enjoyed just being together.
Papa and I have started calling us the three musketeers. When I was pregnant with you,
I wasn't sure how your arrival would change the dynamic of our lifestyle, but you jumped right in and things
haven't skipped a beat. It's like you've always been with us. 


Wednesday, August 7th.
You like to feed the neighbor's dog 'snacks' through the fence.


Thursday, August 8th.
There was a time when I thought you might never like 'flying,' but these days I think it's your favorite thing to do.
I take you outside several times a day just to get fresh air and every time you'll pull on my leg and say
'mama, mama, up, up,' and I'll pick you up and you'll squirm with excitement before I even have you in my arms.
I'll throw you into the air and take a break when my arms get tired, and you'll sign and say 'mo, mo' (more),
so I'll throw you into the air again and you never stop asking for more. Papa can throw you higher,
but you still like to go 'see the trees' with Mama.


Friday, August 9th.
When you woke up this morning, you went straight for the fridge, grabbed an apple and sat down in
front of the window to chat with the 'chickies.' You've started refusing to eat anything from us lately -
you want to feed yourself, even if it means taking on a whole apple all by yourself.


Saturday, August 10th.
You watch us grab a pillow and put it in our chair when we sit out on the patio, so you think you need one too.
The problem is that your seat isn't big enough for the pillow and you. I watched you climb into our chair to get a pillow, walk back to your chair, and spend a good 10 minutes pushing the pillow around trying to get it situated just right. When your butt wouldn't fit in it, you pushed the entire thing off the side of the patio and walked away looking proud.


Sunday, August 11th.
We had a back to school celebration at church today and they rented a bounce house and water slide.
I thought you might like the slide, so I sent you down it with one of the older girls.
The water was really cold and you weren't a fan. This was your reaction -
as soon as you got off, you wanted Mama, no words, just outstretched arms.


Monday, August 12th.
Papa made you a beard and mustache out of tape and you thought it was hilarious.
You kept running to the floor mirror in our bedroom to look at yourself and giggling uncontrollably.


  1. hahahaha, the one with the pillow made me laugh.

  2. It is so crazy how much alike Riggs and Evie are! Either that or they just go through the exact same stages at the same time. She is looking more grown up everyday! So cute!

    We feel the same way about Riggs being in our lives, he just fits right in like he's always been. We love our little family of three so much!



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