Monday, September 30, 2013


Tuesday, August 13th.
Sometimes the simplest days are the best days. Today was nothing special - just a normal day at home,
then we decided to go out for Thai food. When we got out of dinner, it was too early to just go home,
so we headed to the nearest park. You climbed. You danced. You dug. You let the sand fall through your fingers.
You ran in the green field and pined for some teenagers' soccer ball. And I watched you -
sunset reflecting off your golden hair that resembles mine so much - and was filled with joy.
You are my greatest adventure. You're the sun to my days and the moon to my nights.
You are beautiful - and I hope you never think otherwise.


Wednesday, August 14th.
When I'm in the kitchen, you're in the kitchen - most often pulling on my pant leg yelling 'UP!'
There was a pound of strawberries in the fridge that needed eaten, so I decided to make a pound cake today.
I wanted to include you, so I laid everything out on the floor and let you touch the ingredients and 
watch me mix it all together. I had to run out of the kitchen for a minute and
left you specific instructions not to touch the batter, but your curiosity got the best of you, of course.


Thursday, August 15th.
Summer is coming to an end and we may not be here next summer, so we've been spending as much time as possible soaking up the sun in the backyard. You love to climb into the hammock and wrap it around you to hide from me.
When I rock you, I hear stifled giggles and you'll sporadically pop out of the canvas and yell 'boo!'
These simple pictures mean so much to me now, but I can only imagine how much I'll cherish them in later years.


Friday, August 16th.
We met Papa for lunch and you were happy that I let you have the crayons.
I just started letting you color - you used to eat the crayons when I wasn't looking.


Saturday, August 17th.
Papa is basically a superhero.


Sunday, August 18th.
Sometimes the blurry pictures that catch you off guard are my favorite.


Monday, August 19th.
It was a hard day in marriage land for Mama and Papa -
you and I got out of the house and enjoyed a treat together so everyone could stand each other again.

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  1. gorgeous photo of her on the swing in the waning sunlight. I love reading your words, I can just feel what you are writing as if I wrote it for some reason. Maybe because Evie and Riggs are so close in age and going through many of the same stages for some reason?

    1. Ugh, I had such a hard time choosing that first one. I had five or six with the light just like that but with her in different positions and ended up choosing that one because I liked that the sun was reflecting off of her hair. Thank you for the compliment though! I always feel the same way when I read something you wrote about Riggs. I like to think it's because we would click in real life, lol, but it may be because they're close in age. ;)

  2. Beautiful captures Andrea. I wish I had a way with words like you do. I always like reading your thoughts such wonderful memories for you to look back on.

    1. Thank you! The words are my favorite part of this project. I love picking up my camera, but seeing all of the photos come together and having a collection of stories and words seems to make all the fuss I go through uploading and editing worth it.

  3. Number 23 :-) I love the golden hour picture at the top. Hope marriage-land is full of roses again. I can't see you two falling out for long! xx

    1. Oh, we never do. We fight, but it lasts a few hours and we ask if the other is done being mad and it's all over. Lol. Thank you for the complement though - that first picture is my favorite this week too.

  4. Stopping by from the hop. Your title of your blog speaks to my heart! Oh, how I love it {and the song}. Love the picture of your sweet girl helping you bake. ;)



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