Tuesday, September 24, 2013

These were taken last August when we made apple cider from our backyard apples.
Ev was six months old. She kept leaning over her bouncer to stuff handfuls of
chopped apple into her mouth when we weren't looking.

The alarm sounds, obnoxious chirping crickets, buzzing under the pillow - I shove my arm under the pillow and squeeze the phone, just trying to silence the annoyance. My eyelids crack open and I glance around the barely lit room.

I pull the quilt back, reluctantly, and put my feet down on the cool hardwood floor. I pull the silk nightgown - a gift from Alex the first year we were married - off the corner of our bed, then return it to its place and decide to dig out flannel pajama pants and a long sleeve shirt instead.

I wander into the kitchen, noticing the little things left behind by his hasty retreat to work, like water still warm in the tea kettle and a cup of coffee left in the press. I decide to make myself a cup of tea and save the coffee for the afternoon. A cry comes down the hallway and I glance at the clock - 6:40 - too early for her to be awake. I think she may be cold, so I tip-toe to the control and turn the heater on for the first time since last season.

It's an obvious statement, but having a child changes the way you approach everything.
I never thought much about the changing seasons. I never savored so many moments in a day until I became a mother. I never mourned the passing of a season, or savored the one I was in.

Fall is here. . .

. . . and it is both disappointing and something to celebrate. Disappointing because summer passed too quickly, which means fall will pass too quickly, then winter will drag on. I've always approached the winter months with disdain, but I'm trying my best to look for the beauty in it. I've been thinking a lot about making the best of the time that I have with this energetic, passionate soul we created - and I came to a realization that we only have seventeen summers left to enjoy together, seventeen falls together, seventeen dreaded winters together. Eventually she will be grown and caught up in creating her own life and my heart will rejoice at her striving, but break as I reminisce about these seasons.

So this is what I'm looking forward to this fall season. . .
EATING | comfort food and soups.
DRINKING | hot cocoa and apple cider.
PRACTICING | patience, selflessness, being thankful for small beauties in life.
MASTERING | artisan bread.
LEARNING | to knit.
PLAYING | in piles of leaves.
FINISHING | the stock for the Etsy shop.
READING | Grow Your Handmade Business - next up: One and Only and Just Kids.
WALKING | and biking through the neighborhood, enjoying the cool evenings.
WEARING | sweaters and boots.
COOKING | big meals and making time to enjoy them together.
WORKING | on simplifying our home and saving money.
TRAVELING | to McCall's Pumpkin Patch.
WANTING | to live and mother intentionally.


  1. "I never thought much about the changing seasons. I never savored so many moments in a day until I became a mother. I never mourned the passing of a season, or savored the one I was in." THIS. It's so true, how you just want to savor every day and keep them from growing, but at the same time you look forward to your tomorrows with them!

    And man the thought of only 17 more winters, springs, summers, really puts it into perspective! I love being a mom so much but I hate how fast it goes.

    Love your list, many of the things you've mentioned are on my own 'list' too:)

  2. I hate how quickly time goes now :( But I love Fall! Just not the cold, wet Winters that come after. I'm looking forward to Halloween! And dressing up with Mya. Chili. Soup. Chicken and noodles. Fall smells. Pretty leaves. Hoodies. And pretty leaves. :)



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