Monday, October 7, 2013


Tuesday, August 20th.
Papa's schedule changed this week, which means he gets to spend mornings with us,
so we went out for a little celebration. We stopped at Einstein's for two bagels (which you stuffed your face with),
found ourselves a patch of grass, and enjoyed the sunny weather.


Wednesday, August 21st.
We leave for New York City on Friday night, so I pulled the suitcases out of storage.
I peeked into the laundry room to find you sitting inside of one, making car noises.


Thursday, August 22nd.
Four years ago today, the story of our family began. Your Papa and I vowed our love and lives to each other in front of
an Alabama sunset and ran off to Disney World just a day later. This day will always be a special one in our house,
not just for us, but for you too. It will always be a family celebration. This year's was a simple, but perfect one -
breakfast at Flying Star Cafe. We shared a pot of tea and watched your little hands dig into a blueberry muffin
in the morning light and marveled over how this family has changed and grown in the past four years.
Love existed before you came along, but you have allowed us to know what bursting love feels like,
love beyond what two people feel for each other and that is what we celebrated today.


Friday, August 23rd.
We hopped on a plane at midnight headed for New York City.
You woke up just in time to watch us descend into the city lights and you were enthralled. 


Saturday, August 24th.
Today was one of the most challenging days Papa and I have ever had with you. We boarded a plane at 11:30 Albuquerque time last night and landed in New York at 5:30 this morning (so almost 4 hours of flying time).
You're going through the worst teething phase yet and were awake and uncomfortable most of the flight,
so both Papa and I didn't sleep at all on the plane. We couldn't check into our room until 2:30 in the afternoon,
so we wandered the city dirty and tired, searching for a place to nap in a park, but as soon as we found one
you were too excited about your new surroundings to sleep.We wandered around Brooklyn Bridge Park all morning
and into the afternoon, letting you play on the playgrounds and splash in the water.
When we headed to the room to check in, we all hadn't slept in 32 hours. 


Sunday, August 25th.
Waking up in the city I've dreamt of since I was a little girl with the two people I love the most
this morning was exceptional. We met up with a friend of our's from high school in Park Slope, enjoyed a service
at his church, had Thai food for lunch, grabbed some ice cream off of an ice cream truck and took it to
a patch of grass in Prospect Park, then we spent some time catching up over dinner back at our friend's apartment
and soaking in the rooftop view. The only way I can describe this day is perfection.
These are the days I hope to have with you two more often.


Monday, August 26th.
We went for a ride on the Staten Island Ferry this morning.


  1. I just love that last picture on the ferry, such a lovely moment. I have to admit New York sort of scares/intimidates me, but there are obviously some iconic spots that I can't deny would be amazing to see in person. Excited to see more pictures of your trip!

    1. I don't get many pictures of Ev and I together, so I was really glad to get that shot. Alex is a little intimidated by my camera. Lol.
      But I can definitely see how NYC could be overwhelming for most people. Alex thought it was so strange that I wanted to move there when we met, but after hearing me talk about it and after visiting, I think he's fallen in love a little too.
      Like you said, it's worth a visit though! If everything works out with our move and you make it down to the states, you'll have someone to show you around and make it a little less intimidating. ;)

  2. Gorgeous captures of your beautiful moments. Really love the muffin photo looks delish and love those cute cubby fingers.

    1. Thanks, Kylie! I really love taking pictures of people's hands, so I seem to get a lot of shots similar to that one.

  3. Love all your photos!! That ice cream looks spectacular!

    And I'm sorry you had such a rough first day. Hopefully she adapts easier on the way home!

    1. Thank you! She ended up doing great on the rest of the trip!

  4. oh wow. after a very exhausting (eek!!) start, the NY trip sounds incredible! what a wonderful adventure to share - and yes that last shot is just breathtaking. lovely mother/daugther moment!

    1. It was pretty incredible. Special places have a whole new meaning when you finally get to enjoy them with your husband. We've been talking about going for years and it felt good to say 'screw it' and just book a ticket.

  5. All of that food looks so good! I agree with Whitney, NY intimidates me, but at the same time I would love to visit just to see some of the sights and say I've been there. Such a catch 22! I know you want to live there and I hope that dream becomes a reality for you!! Beautiful shots. I love the last one.

    1. Thank you, Leann! It's definitely worth a visit, even if it's not your kind of forever place. Like I told Whitney, if the move works out and you're ever in the area, know that you have a free tour guide. ;)



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