Monday, October 21, 2013


Tuesday, August 27th.
Today, I found myself imagining this was our life. That we really could take a train to Coney Island on summer
weekends and that walking along the Brooklyn Promenade was as normal as the evening runs that we go for now.
Today was such a perfect day that a solemn air followed me around - it was heart wrenching that we would never get to experience this exact day again and that this wasn't our home yet. There are so many obstacles that we are going to have to take on in order to make this place home, a list of career and financial goals need to be met before we can jump in. 
I'm trying to forget about all of that and focus on this perfect night. We grabbed a pizza, found a spot of grass in Brooklyn Bridge Park and watched the sun set behind a panoramic view of Manhattan, Lady Liberty off in the distance. Afterwards, we grabbed some ice cream from Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and walked and walked,
talking about our love for this city and our love for you. This day went down in family history.


Wednesday, August 28th.
Today was our last day in New York City. We spent it wandering through rainy Manhattan. You napped in the carrier and Papa and I popped into a coffee shop and got something to drink to warm us up. This city is even (maybe more) magical in the rain. We sat at a little cafe table and giggled like kids, talking about how we felt like we were in a movie. When you woke up, we walked into the bodega across the street to grab an umbrella and made our way to Central Park. We found the lottery of playgrounds (a stone castle with a real moat that water continuously runs through) for you to run and climb on. You and I got soaking wet going down the highest slide together - we were made for this city, kid.


Thursday, August 29th.
We didn't get to celebrate Papa and I's anniversary before we left for New York City,
so we all got dressed up and went out to dinner together at Farm and Table restaurant tonight.


Friday, August 30th.
I took you to the park for a little while this afternoon. I feel like you wake up with more and more energy every morning. It's getting hard to keep up with you and I sometimes forget that you're turning into a kid that's going to need to play and jump and run and climb. I don't know if I'm ready for this - I kind of miss the days that I could throw you in the carrier and you were entertained all day just watching me do things around the house.


Saturday, August 31st.
We bought some local peaches at Whole Foods and you've really been enjoying them.


Sunday, September 1st.
You love to be tickled. Every night before bed, Papa holds your arms up and tickles your armpits. 
You squeal and laugh and when he stops, you always say 'do, do!'


Monday, September 2nd.
Our neighbors had a slide in their backyard that they let us have. The ladder was a little rickety,
so Papa made you a substitute ladder to use until he can build you another.

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  1. When I opened your blog and saw that first photo, it was so magical. I can definately understand why you want to live there. I hope that everything falls into place so that your dream can come true. I love the perspective of all of you pictures (the sipping coffee one is perfectly framed) and your little one is adorable.

  2. Looks like you're having an amazing time! omg that dress with the bow in 241 looks adorable!

    1. That dress was actually the dress I wore on my first birthday!

  3. What a beautiful blog! Each picture of the little one makes me smile. Cheers to you!

  4. Hi there from your home town of Phoenix! I found you on TBB. I enjoyed thumbing through your blog, keep at it. Adorable little one.

    1. Thanks, Julie! We're in Albuquerque, so not far from you!

  5. Oh I would LOVE to go to New York! That first photo is so great, I can imagine why you want to stay there, what an exciting place to be. I also love the Farm and Table photo, lovely light and that is the cutest dress and bow on your little one - so cool that you wore it when you were little!



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