Monday, October 28, 2013


Tuesday, September 10th.
We found our first ripe tomato on the plant we've been taking care of each morning for the past few months and
you got so excited you snatched it up and popped it into your mouth before I could stop you.
I was going to wait until Papa came home and share it between the three of us, but that can wait until next time.


Wednesday, September 11th.
We took a trip to the library and some new (to you) shoes that are too big came in the mail,
but you insisted on wearing them anyway.


Thursday, September 12th.
We rode the bike to the playground this morning and you refused to get in the baby swing,
so I put you in the handicapped one and that satisfied you.

Friday, September 13th.
Papa was off today, so we all went to the zoo. We stopped in front of the parrot cage and you said 'hi' -
to your surprise and delight, it said 'hi' back. You were cracking up and kept looking at the parrot then back at us like 'Are you guys seeing this?! A talking bird!' Papa and I were laughing hysterically.


Saturday, September 14th.
You like to show everyone where your belly button is.


Sunday, September 15th.
You found a mud puddle in our neighbor's driveway, a rare find in New Mexico,
so I tried not to think about how dirty the water probably was and let you splash and explore. 

Monday, September 16th.
You've made friends with the neighbors dog through the fence. If you come outside and don't immediately go to see him, he whines until you do. Today, you found out that if you back up to the fence, he'll sniff and lick you and it tickles.

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  1. haha my kids both went through a stage of showing everyone their belly button too. Strange!

    1. She just thinks it's the coolest thing. Like only she has one.

  2. That first pictures is so funny! I guess she liked the tomato?

    1. She LOVES tomatoes. That's why she popped into her mouth before I could stop her. She was so excited to have just found a tomato that she needed to eat it right.now.

  3. LOVE her face in the zoo picture! You really caught just how delighted she was.

    And yep, the tomatoes barely make it inside at our place either. But who can complain about children who can't wait to eat their veges?!

  4. heehee love the cheeky tomato grab face :) cant fault an eager vegie eater - one of the joys of growing your own huh! the mud puddle shot is awesome too, good on you for letting her get into it! the deep colour and ripples make a great shot too - thats childhood for ya!



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