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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm going to start this post with the preface that I am no expert (or yogi - see I don't even have the lingo down) when it comes to yoga and it kind of annoys me when people try to talk about things they aren't very knowledgable about, but bear with me. I took a six week prenatal yoga class during my second trimester with Ev and really enjoyed it (and if you're pregnant and debating on taking one, do it - I didn't start feeling pregnant or having aches and pains until after I stopped doing yoga). I've never found a lot of enjoyment in exercise, but as my life becomes more hectic, I find myself looking for ways to bring a bit of peace and relaxation into my days. Running has even become a bit relaxing for me, and anyone that has known me for an extended period of time knows what kind of revelation this is. (Seriously, I used to think I had asthma because of how out of breathe I would get after running like 15 feet.)
Anyway, since Alex's work schedule is demanding (yoga studio with childcare - somebody should get on that because I can't seem to find one) and we're always trying to save money, I had kind of given up on the idea of taking classes. A few months ago, I was stretched thin and not handling the woes of adulthood very well during the day, so I decided I needed more time to myself and started getting up earlier each morning. The first morning I had no idea what to do with free time and thought to myself, 'I wish I had a yoga DVD.' I turned to google and realized there was no need to buy a yoga DVD - there are tons of 'classes' on Youtube. Since then I've watched a lot of different videos and a lot of times I end up stopping in the middle of one because it's just bad. I thought I would highlight the ones I've enjoyed, so that any busy Mamas like me out there who are interested in making yoga a part of their weekly routine can do so without having to search through the less than satisfactory ones.
As I said, I'm no expert, so I'll only be highlighting beginner level videos (until I learn enough to no longer be a beginner someday, I guess). I really enjoy this one with Ashley Sky Litecky, especially in the morning. It sort of eases you into your day and wakes you up gently. It's not a challenging or extremely long session and you probably won't even break a sweat (my kind of exercise), but you will get up feeling relaxed, aligned, and inspired. Namaste.

What kind of routines do you follow to bring a bit more peace and relaxation into your days?


  1. Good tips and advice! I always forget about youtube...but I found some good cardio videos on there, too! I've started waking up at 5:30 to workout and it's actually brought a lot more peace to my days!



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