Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Tuesday, September 17th.
You get so excited when I bring out the crayons. You giggle and grab and stomp your feet. I love it.
Most of the time you end up doing more dumping the crayons out and
putting them back in the box than actually coloring with them, but we're getting there.


Wednesday, September 18th.
We went on a little adventure today with Allie and Ezra, to a place called Art Attack.
You painted your own plate that came out beautifully. We've been using it for snacks almost every day since. 

Thursday, September 19th.
You are the queen of dirt mustaches. I don't know what is so appetizing about dirt,
but you come inside looking like this regularly.


Friday, September 20th.
You love to watch Papa and I climb. You've started walking over to the wall and motioning for us to help you climb it. You actually impress us with how strong you are. I think this may be something that you're really good at one day.


Saturday, September 21st.
You sit like this often. I love capturing the little details, the quirky things you do.

Sunday, September 22nd.
Ian, Allie, and Ezra came over for dinner. This family is our favorite thing about New Mexico and
why we'll be sad to go soon. It's rare to find people who you can not see for weeks or months or even years,
then pick up right where you left off when you're reunited.
I have a feeling these guys will be those kinds of friends for years to come.

Monday, September 23rd.
You happened upon this picture a few days and have been carrying it around all day while Papa is at work.
You run your fingers over it, quietly saying 'Papa' and seem surprised each morning to find it yet again.
You love to look at pictures of people you know lately. It's comforting for you, I think, to see pictures of
Mama and Papa and of our family together. I'm going to have to bring out the old picture albums soon
and let you see all of the pictures of Papa and I in high school and college.


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