Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Tuesday, October 1st.
We usually stick to a pretty predictable routine, but I find myself thinking of ways to switch it up more often
now that you're older and can handle it. We went out for breakfast this morning at Einstein Brothers' Bagels
and you enjoyed people watching out the windows in your pajamas.


Wednesday, October 2nd.
You like to borrow Mama or Papa's toothbrush and brush your teeth in the tub.


Thursday, October 3rd.
Aunt Carole and Uncle Gary came into town for a day, so we met them for breakfast.
You make friends so easily these days.


Friday, October 4th.
Some days normal moments are just that, normal, but every now and then a normal moment will be happening and I can't help but feel it. It's hard to describe, like an overwhelming joy that this is my life, these are my people.
You are both perfect, more than I could have imagined or asked for. 


Saturday, October 5th.
You and I went out on a morning date and grabbed a blueberry muffin to share at the farmer's market.


Sunday, October 6th.
Papa built you your first fort this afternoon when we came home from church. You guys read stories and watched cartoons and ate snacks in it. Then we all took a nice long nap, got up, and went to the night glow at the Balloon Fiesta. You were a little scared of the noisy flames that inflate them, but after you got over that, you were fascinated.
We even stayed late to watch the fireworks and you laid your head down next to ours and yelled 'bang, bow, pow, wow!' with not a hint of fear in your voice. When the fireworks would pause you would shout 'more, more!'
It was one of the most memorable family moments that we've had since we became a family of three.
Sometimes it feels like you were the missing puzzle piece to Papa and I, especially on nights like this.

Monday, October 7th.
Popcorn and milk is your favorite snack lately.

You guys are all awesome! After posting the link to TBB on Monday,
you have all pushed HMRM back up to the former spot that we held before our road trip.
Thank you for supporting this little space of mine!
Somedays I'm still in disbelief that anyone actually reads what I write.

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