Tuesday, November 5, 2013

At the beginning of each month, I usually look back through the last month of pictures, to reminisce I guess. It isn't an intentional thing that I do, just a habit. As I was doing this for the month of October, I realized we took a weekend trip to Los Alamos and I captured some really beautiful pictures, but I completely failed to blog about it. I'm really not one of those people that feel that I need to let the internet know every detail of everything that my family and I do, but these trips are always special ones.  I blog because I love the community and inspiration that it brings, but also because this is our family's virtual scrapbook and this trip needs to be remembered. This is the third time that we've done this and it's become a tradition of sorts. Since we could possibly be moving in the Spring, this may have been our last tiny vacation to Los Alamos. They're always much needed, a time to slow down, enjoy meals with friends, spend a lot of time hiking and enjoying nature, and taking long awaited naps.

We started the trip off right by eating lunch at Second Street Brewery in Santa Fe on Friday (10/11), where the makeshift ride (bicycle rack) was a big hit. This kid, man - she's too happy and smiles too much.

Our main reason for taking this trip was to go to a consignment sale with some friends of ours (Hi, Ian! Hi, Allie! Hi, Ezra!) that a local preschool hosts, so we volunteered to help them pack up on Saturday (10/12) morning in exchange for a ticket to shop before anyone else on Friday night, which is where we got the awesome hat that Ev is wearing. Alex has a camouflage one that I make fun of every time he wears it, so when I saw a mini version, I had to get it. Evie loves it. Before we went to volunteer at the sale, we went for a short hike. I've been using the video function a lot more these days, so I unintentionally got way more video shots than pictures. I have plans to start incorporating video footage from each season into one themed video. I'm working on the summer one now and it should be up in the next few weeks.

On Sunday, we went for a longer hike along the ski trails. The fall colors were at their peak and I fell behind the rest of the group and enjoyed some quiet time to myself, taking pictures and gathering leaves to bring home for some Fall projects I have planned for Ev. We packed a picnic lunch of lentil wraps and fruit and found a little shelter with a fireplace. Alex built a fire and we sat for a long while, enjoying the warmth, smell, and sounds of it while eating a big cinnamon roll that I had bought at a local bakery. Before we left, I set the camera up on the picnic table and turned the self-timer on to capture us in our quiet moment together, sticky-faced from dessert, dirty from hiking, dressed in the last pieces of clothing from the suitcase.

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