Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Last Friday was such a perfect day - I'm pretty sure a smile didn't leave my face. Alex came home early and told me that he had a surprise planned for Evie and I. He had mentioned it earlier in the week, but I had completely forgotten. He usually has no interest in going anywhere on Friday nights after a long week at work, but I was getting stir crazy, so I was really glad that he was so excited about doing something fun with Ev and I. Usually it's just her and I for these kinds of things, but it just always feels right when Papa comes along. Before we could start our date, he had a work function he had to go to, so Ev and I rode with him and passed the time playing in a nearby park. That in itself made my weekend. It was so beautiful outside - blue skies, bright sun, practically the perfect temperature. It was like Fall was bidding us farewell with the best she's ever given. Evie was beside herself with joy - all smiles and giggles, making her little legs work as hard and as fast as they could to cover every inch of that playground. We had the whole place to ourselves, so it was almost completely silent, so peaceful. I watched Ev play, camera in hand, catching smiles and rays of sunshine peeking through desert shrubs, and looking down at my book every now and then, usually reading the same paragraph over and over again, but not getting annoyed by it like I usually do. When Alex showed up, he buttoned his shirt around Ev and took her on the zip line. I'm pretty sure I've never heard her laugh so hard. She kept shouting 'more, more, more!'

After we were finished at the park, we headed to our favorite Thai restaurant and shared an order of eggs rolls and coconut chicken soup with rice. Then it was surprise time! Alex and I had just finished talking about how much we like the movie Monsters, Inc. when we pulled into the discount theatre parking lot for a 6:30 showing of Monsters University. We were there a bit early, so we let Evie press buttons on the arcade games and reminisced about playing Pacman as kids. I really wasn't sure how well Ev would do. I was saving her first movie for when I could be sure she would actually watch the movie, but I think Alex was proud of himself for actually surprising me (I can always guess his surprises. I knew every step of our proposal night and he had given no hints. I'm horrible at faking surprises too, so he knew.) She's just started to become interested in a 20 minute episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, so I was almost certain she wouldn't sit still for a two hour movie. She actually surprised me. She climbed back and forth between Alex and I and got a little wiggly towards the end, but it was nothing a few cookies from the bottom of the diaper bag couldn't fix. All in all, I think she really enjoyed it, mostly because it was a new place and we weren't at home. On our way home we passed a frozen yogurt shop and decided to finish off the night right - by satisfying our sweet tooths. We both got salted caramel corn flavor and it was probably my favorite frozen yogurt experience yet, to go along with what was probably my favorite family date night yet.

Since then, the weather has been colder and we haven't ventured out the house as much. I've had my mind on budgeting and gift planning and figuring out a way to afford to drive to Arizona for Thanksgiving (to see my dad). It's all going to go by too fast from here on out, you know. After Halloween comes Winter and Thanksgiving, and then comes Christmas with the tree lit up and trips to the mountain for sledding and snow play and all the really tasty food/desserts (mostly desserts). I feel like we've been going uphill all year long and we've made it to the top where you can see it all, what's behind and ahead, and now we've started the descent all the way to the bottom. That ends before you know it and then January is here and you're like, now what? I always get more nostalgic around this time of year. I've been looking at this past year and the goals that I've yet to accomplish and I've started to really kick it into overdrive to knock out some of the last things on my list and make the best of what's left of 2013.

What goals are left on your list for this year? What do you look forward to during the holidays?

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  1. what a sweet family date! I like how you described the uphill of the year and November and December feel like the descent, I've always felt that way too. :)

    1. Thank you, Hannah! The holidays are my favorite time of year, but I always feel a little woozy after it's all over.



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