Happy Halloween!

Monday, November 4, 2013

So, we as a family have an awful track record as far as Halloween pictures go. For some (really frustrating) reason I always end up with one dark and blurry picture of us in our costumes. The year that I was pregnant with Ev, Alex and I were pregnant skeletons (you can see that here - notice the one dark phone picture of us wearing the costumes amidst a sea of pictures taken with my real camera), and last year we were The Flintstones (also known as the time my husband wore a dress). Because of my perfectionist ways and a baby that never slept and therefore, Mama never blogged, I never posted the one picture of us from last year, so here you go. I made all three of our costumes for a whopping $20.

I'm very proud of my cheap DIY (and last minute, always) costume abilities - I just wish I could remember to take more pictures of the final product. So this year, I was determined to get at least one picture with all of us in it with my camera and while I managed to do that, I also managed to forget to take one with my phone to share on Instagram for our out of town family to see the night of our wearing them and to take any pictures of Evie trick or treating. Oh well, such is the life of a closet social media hater. Anyway, a few months back, my dad and stepmom sent us a package. They had taken a trip to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C. and bought Evie an astronaut costume. She was a little young to one, know what an astronaut was or two, be interested is playing dress up, but a few months later, an obsession with the moon has developed and she was all about her astronaut costume. While I had ideas for a helmet and boots and gloves and a cardboard box rocket ship, I would say her costume accompanied by ours was a success. I now realize she probably wouldn't have kept any of the extra things on anyway.

Ev's current obsession is the number two. When you ask her to say 'one' she thinks you've started counting and excitedly says 'twoooo' and holds out two fingers with the proudest smile because 'I know the answer!' This kid, man, she kills me with her cuteness. So in the pictures above, I asked her to hold up 'one' (for 'that's one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind' of course), and she kept saying 'twooo,' so we went with it and said 'that's two steps for a baby. . .' all night. I'm just glad she isn't old enough to realize how nerdy her parents are yet. That bottom one is her focusing on holding up one finger instead.

Further proof of why my kid is my favorite human: she looked over and saw us in 'astronaut poses,' so she decided she needed to put her hands on her hips too and that is how the cutest family astronaut picture was made.

Her costume was obviously pretty easy, but I was sort of out of my element with ours. I could not, until the last minute, think of a cheap way to make an adult astronaut costume. I searched Pinterest. I watched jumpsuits on Ebay for weeks and nothing was selling for under $30, plus I would have to buy the patches. I had almost given up when inspiration struck - disposable painter's jumpsuits! None of the local hardware stores sold them small enough for Alex and I to wear, so I ordered them on Amazon for $10 a piece and they arrived the day before Halloween. I also ordered two American flag patches and two NASA patches and sewed them on like an hour before we were heading out the door (late) for trick or treating. The Jacobs are always late. Anyways, we added belts and boots and along with Ev's costume, a NASA jacket was also sent, so I wore that and there you go - astronauts for $20 each. We went to a church trunk or treat and it was cold and loud and we didn't stay long, but Evie was probably the happiest kid there just because I zipped her into my jacket and let her eat candy.

I hope you all had a fun Halloween! I would love to see your costumes, so leave a link below and I'll be sure to check them out.

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