Toddler Stocking Stuffer Guide

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gift ideas are usually a breeze for me to come up with. Actually, I usually end up with too many gift ideas come Christmas shopping time and I have to seriously think about the best options for our budget. Stocking stuffers are a different story. So many lists of stocking stuffer ideas for kids are full of junk or things that I consider cheating, like a toothbrush. A toothbrush is not a fun thing for a kid to open on Christmas morning! So I sat down and came up with a list of (what I think are) good stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers. All of them are quality toys, not cheap plastic things that will break and be thrown away by New Years, and they're all fun, not body care items or candy/snacks. I definitely won't be giving Ev all of these, but I feel confident that I have plenty ideas to pull from and she will have a stuffed stocking to keep her entertained while Mama and Papa are cooking Christmas breakfast. A few of these seem like expensive options, but would fill up the stocking quickly.

One - Finger Cymbals($4): brass cymbals that are the perfect size for little hands.

Two - Metal Kazoo($5): a metal kazoo, perfect for those who are avoiding plastic toys.

Three - Hohner Blues Band Harmonica($7): a sturdy metal harmonica that will last.

Four - Haba Wooden Slide Whistle($13): a wooden slide whistle, with questionable reviews. I'm thinking of opting for a wooden train whistleinstead.

Five - Plan Toy Wooden Lacing Beads($18): a set of big wooden beads and thick string, perfect for little hands to manipulate.

Six - Battat Rainmaker($8): watching the beads move to the other end could be soothing for time-outs.

Seven - Safari Ltd. Wild Animals Toob($9): plastic animals are easy to find at the dollar store or Target dollar bin, but these have great reviews and seem like a great value; they also offer several different sets including zoo babies, ocean animals, pets, etc.

Eight - Cut And Peel Fruit Set($20): a wooden fruit set that includes fabric 'peels' and velcros together to allow little ones to 'cut' them up.

Nine - Plan Toys Wooden Baking Utensils($15): a set of sturdy wooden utensils for making plenty of mud pies.

Ten - 12 Piece Wooden Train and Vehicle Set ($15): a big set of wooden vehicles that are compatible with the IKEA, Thomas, and Brio train sets.

Eleven - 12 Farm Animal Stamps($17): a set of self inking animal stamps, so you don't have to mess with an ink pad; there are cheaper options available (like these dinosaur onesor these zoo animal ones), but the resin animal tops seem like a good option for little hands and are easier to identify.

Twelve - Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons($14): a set of eight colors; block shape makes it easier for little toddler hands to hold, plus beeswax crayons will last for years.

More ideas: flash cards(we have these and Ev loves them!), a coloring book, finger puppets, stickers, play masks, small wooden blocks, wooden memory game(we got these on sale on zulily a few months ago, along with a wooden animals dominoes set from the same company), markers, colored pencils, bath toys, maracas, a musical triangle, a tiny tambourine, and small board books.

There are also tons of homemade stocking stuffer ideas on Pinterest!

What do your kids love to get in their stockings?

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  1. Love that none of these require batteries!



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