Monday, December 16, 2013

We're packing up the house this week and will be New York bound as soon as Alex gets a hard copy of his orders. I am so behind on posting the 365 project and it looks like I'll still be working on it into the new year. I made an effort to get a few in the queue this weekend, so along with the guest posts I have lined up, I'll be posting a few of these while we're on the road. 

Tuesday, October 8th.
You finally know what the word 'library' means. When I ask you if you want to go to the library you sign book and
dash to the front door enthusiastically yelling 'bye-bye, bye-bye!' You have a love for books that seems to surpass
even my own. Papa has been in awe of how fast I can devour a book since we met when we were thirteen.
I always had a book with me, in my purse or the backseat of my car, in high school and
he would always laugh a little when I would pull it out at the strangest times and places. 
I'm indescribably grateful that it looks as if you have somehow inherited my love of reading already.
I can't wait to introduce you to all the great authors and poets and lovers of life in literature.


Wednesday, October 9th.
I've been making more of an effort to just be with you these days. It probably sounds strange to women who raised the last generation of babies to hear about our struggles with giving our children the attention they desire,
but in an age of technology and the ability to have the internet in your pocket, it's hard.
Sometimes I just want to escape into the world of blogs and Pinterest and Instagram to forget about the hardships
of our own life, but you need me. You need me to be present and patient and gentle with you and
lately that has come hard. I find myself laying away at night, replaying the harsh words I let slip from my mouth
or trying to remember the last time I took you somewhere and just watched you, without a phone or camera in hand.
Of all the things I want to do right in my life, you are the most important. I've already said it to you several times,
but I'm sorry for the ways I fail you. I'm working on myself and learning about myself almost as much,
if not more than you're learning each day. You are the moon to my stars, the peanut butter to my jelly,
the cheese to my pizza. I love you more and more each day.


Thursday, October 10th.
You are so interested in what Papa and I do. We are not those parents that stay home just because we have a child.
We take you everywhere with us and I like to think that it opens up a lot of learning opportunities for you
that you wouldn't have otherwise. You rock climb with us, you go out to restaurants with our friends with us,
you travel across the country with us, you are our best friend, our third musketeer.


Friday, October 11th.
We took a trip to Los Alamos with Ian and Allie and Ezra this weekend and we couldn't pass through Santa Fe without stopping at 3rd Street Brewery. You thought their bike rack was clever and took it upon yourself to climb up and ride it.


Saturday, October 12th.
This weekend was full of lots of hiking on Papa's part and observing on your part. I went to a consignment sale and managed to find you a hat that matches Papa's hiking hat almost exactly (that he isn't wearing in this picture).
You are obsessed with it.


Sunday, October 13th.
We went on another long hike today and ended up finding a little picnic spot with a fireplace and all.
Papa built a fire and we sat down and enjoyed a cinnamon roll. It was an unexpected special moment, 
so we documented it with the timer on the camera. You have such an adventurous spirit and fit right in with us.


Monday, October 14th.
We went for a job before the sun went down.
We're trying to take advantage of the ability to get outside before winter comes.


Tuesday, October 15th.
We went to the climbing wall and you found your own place to try out your climbing skills.
Papa cheered you on with Hulk faces.


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