Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Wednesday, October 16th.
You're officially a kid now that you've figured out how to ride Papa's legs.


Thursday, October 17th.
I was trying to get a picture of your after bath time ritual - jumping on the bed naked,
but you wanted to play with my camera strap instead.


Friday, October 18th.
I bought you a pair of Rudolph slippers at the thrift store for $2. You love them, but you think they're squirrel slippers.
You like to run around the house, the nose clicking against the tile, with your two hands up to your mouth,
making smacking and 'mmm' noises like you're eating tasty nuts.


Saturday, October 19th.
We took our annual pumpkin patch trip today and you were elated. They had animals and games and pumpkins,
of course. You saw a sheep for the first time and got your fingers nibbled by pigs. You pushed a dump truck through
dirt and made friends with some kids in the corn pit. Before we left, we let you pick out a pumpkin of your own and
you held it all the the way home.


Sunday, October 20th.
When I was pregnant, I was not your typical pregnant woman. I basked in pregnancy, loving every moment of it,
looking forward to meeting you of course, but not quite as enthusiastically as most women do.
The one thing that I was completely enamored with was the idea of doing art projects with you.
I have such a creative soul that these kinds of things create bonds with the people I experience them with.
I remember doing crafts with my Mom when I was a little girl and those are probably some of my fondest memories. There is a book out there that helps people to realize what their loved one's 'love language' is and
I've joked before that my love language isn't mentioned - creating. We spent the morning making a
watercolor leaf garland together and while it was hard for me to let go of control and of the idea I had in my head
and just let you paint (and while I failed just a bit and annoyed the piss out of you at times),
I would consider it a successful first art project together. I look forward to many more with you over the years
(if you love it as much as I did, of course).


Monday, October 21st.
You made a crown at church on Sunday and wore it from the time you woke up all the way into lunch time,
which is a commitment for you - you normally rip hats off after three seconds. I really want to learn to knit next year and
I think a yellow crown for you is going to be my first project.

Tuesday, October 22nd.
We made vegetable soup today and you helped me by reading the recipe, loudly of course, and biting pieces of potato off and spitting them back out onto the cutting board, repetitively. Kids are just weird.


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